A Day in the Life – 2 Schools edition

Happy Wednesday!


I figured I should write another Day in the Life post before my job placement switches again at the end of the month (boo!). This edition of “DITL” is the two schools edition since I currently work at two different work locations.

6:20am – Alarm goes off – I tap the phone to stop the alarm and go back to sleep

6:28am – Alarm goes off again – I continue to ignore it

6:36am – Alarm goes off and this time I get up. I realize my iPhone didn’t charge overnight so I have 1% battery left. I plug it in, check my emails and the twitter.

6:45am – P is in the shower (he showers first as I use up all the hot water) and I go downstairs to pick up some pants that are on the line, a cup of coffee and get my work outfit ready. I also assemble my gym bag in case I have time to go to the gym in between schools.

7:00am – Shower time – You all know what happens

7:15am – Getting dressed time. I hate pants….and winter…and cold. I also get ready (comb the hair, make-up) loudly so that Max starts waking up.

7:30am – I gather some granola and yoghurt plus a banana for my breakfast and throw it in my bag. I head upstairs to get Max up and ready to go.

7:45am – Yes, it takes that long to get Max ready (“I don’t like Under-roos!!!”) and it is time to get our boots on and head out the door. I have to warm up the car, get Max buckled in and make sure all of my bags are in the car.

8:10am – Arrive at daycare for the drop off. Max runs off, doesn’t say bye….

8:30am – Arrive and school and shove yoghurt in my mouth. I gather my class materials and chat with my teacher friends

8:40am – Class #1 – I teach about civil law…..?

9:55am – class #1 ends and I visit “the facilities” real quick and head to another classroom

10:00am – class #2 Teaching someone else’s class. I am teaching about US/Canadian relations. We watch a historical clip, and have a discussion. I wow the class with my knowledge of the US/Canadian Border….?


11:15am – Lunch at school #1 – I’m not eating here, so instead I work. I have to edit my exam that is due and chat about some job stuff. I also visit the office about some supervision duty issues because I work at at two locations, which complicates this

11:45am – head out

Noon – Lunch at home. I make a grilled cheese and sweet potato fries. I also have a bowl of ice cream. I do all this while watching some Gilmore Girls. I watched the episode when Paris finds out she isn’t going to Harvard – A+ episode. I also read and comment on some blogs – this is usually when I do some blogging activities.

1:00pm – Head to school #2 but stop at the bank first

1:05pm – (I live very close to school #2) head into the office, say ‘Hiya’ and head to the staff room to mark some papers.

1:50pm – Class at school #2 – I teach Careers Studies. I spend the period helping the students with their final projects, making sure all other assignments are handed in and making a list for final project presentations.

3:15pm – school is done! Yay! I chat with some of my work friends and get ready to leave

3:45pm  – Head to daycare to pick up Max

4:15pm – Head from daycare to GoodLife. I’m taking Max to the Jump program (gym daycare) and I will go run on the treadmill and do some strength training.

5:30pm – I pick up Max from the gym daycare (he didn’t want to leave) and then we drive home

6:00pm – Dinner time. Nothing to special tonight since we have leftovers from Boston Pizza. I watch some more Gilmore Girls on my iPad – Rory is going to Yale!!!


7:00pm –  I start tackling the Christmas tree that I’m stalling putting away. Not because I don’t want Christmas to end, but because I hate putting things away.  Max seems me taking the Angel down and has a freak out. Tears rolling down the cheeks and everything. He doesn’t want me to put the tree away…..

5 minutes later, he is all cool again with putting the tree away and now wants to help

7:10pm – Max breaks something – he cries


8:25pm – The tree has been thrown out the window and mostly everything is put away. I’m tired. Time to get Max ready for bed. His routine is: bath, get into his jammies and then “snuggle” while reading books. This takes awhile – sometimes an hour. Yay…

9:00pm – Finally, Max is asleep! I clean up all of his toys, continue cleaning up Christmas and finish up this post. I also have to wash the dishes, put things away in the kitchen and sweep a million times. The rest of my night is pretty predictable (hence why the post is up now) . I also bring up some folded laundry that was in the laundry room. I will also look to see if anything interesting is on TV. *The rest of my night is super predictable*

10:00pm – I head upstairs to read a book and then lights out by 10:30! P will come home around this time.


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  1. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    I’m still stuck on that pick of the VHS tape. You’re kidding, right?? RIGHT???
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…Bye Bye Orlando…and why I avoid sit-ups/crunchesMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It was awful. The video was super out-dated. Basically it was Gulf War era….lots of things have happened since!

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Max breaks something. Haha what a sin.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…A Weekend in BaliMy Profile

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      His reaction is priceless – shakes his arms and goes “oh no, oh mommy, I’m SO SOWWEE Oh no, oh no” and then he proceeds to clean up the mess himself

  3. MCM Mama

    Only 15 minutes to get him ready? That’s impressive. My dawdlers took much longer (and often still do).
    MCM Mama recently posted…Day in the Life of MCM MamaMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      The average is about 15 minutes. I don’t feed him breakfast or have a lunch to get ready, so as of right now – it is just bathroom and get changed. I’m sure that in September when he goes to school will be MUCH different. There are some days that I get called into work super early without notice and I have gotten him ready in 5 minutes.


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