Around the Bay 5K Training Plan

It is Friday!!

Shorter post today because I have a ton of things to do at work – it is semester turn around day and I am switching schools. Super Fun! The good news is that I finally know what my second semester schedule is going to be. This means that I can finally sit down and finalize my 5K Training plan for Around the Bay! Honestly, now that I know my schedule, I *could* have run a late spring half marathon this year. But, I think it is time to focus on that pesky 10K and leave longer distances til the Fall. I am still only working a part-time timetable, which makes things easier in terms of fitting in workouts. Also – no commuting! Sweet!

5K Training


5K training is different for me compared to longer distances. I can 100% run a decent 5K with no walking breaks – unlike the half and full marathon where I am stuck with 10/1’s for the time being. Knowing what I know about how I run 5K’s, it isn’t the cardio that needs work, it is my overall strength. I can easily go out and run faster workouts to get my 5K time down – BUT if I don’t work with my strength issues first, I will simply injury myself again. So, unlike the marathon where I almost solely concentrated on getting miles in: for 5K training, I am doing the opposite. I am concentrating on strength and not “so much” running.

The Plan


Run a minimum of 4x a week – steady, progressive, speed/track, and one long run. I am already running 3/4 runs per week right now, but I have to get back on the long run bandwagon. I am back teaching at my school right beside the Ottawa River Path, which will mean easy running as soon as Spring arrives. For now, I am hoping to run at least 1x a week outside (mostly likely the long run) and 2-3 runs on the treadmill. My school does have a running club, so that will come in handy. All my runs, with the exception of the long run will be between 3-6K. I don’t have a set plan like I did with marathon training – BUT, I will be recording my runs each time to ensure I don’t break the 10% rule.


Lots of weights! In being back at the gym for almost two months now, I am already noticing changes in my running/overall fitness from actually doing strength training. I actually have a butt now (lol), and my quads are no longer the only muscle group that has some definition. I am already looking less like a weak, skinny-ass runner! The focus at the gym is on lots of upper body/core workouts with squats/lunges.


That is pretty much it. I am hoping to maintain the pace I have been holding (in terms of working out) for the next 6 weeks, until I switch gears and go more into 10K training. That training will have a weekly running workout chart and all that jazz!

Have a great Friday!!!!

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  1. Heather @ Run Eat Play

    Looks like a good 5k plan!! Good luck!
    Heather @ Run Eat Play recently posted…Friday RandomnessMy Profile

  2. emma @ be mom strong

    5k’svare harder in my opinion… all out versus conserving energy! best of luck!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted…GlutenMy Profile

  3. Dana @ Running on Coffee

    That looks like a great plan! I’ve been lifting weights more than running lately, but I definitely see how it’s benefitting me with speed 🙂
    Dana @ Running on Coffee recently posted…Back to BasicsMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)


  4. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Good luck with your training!!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…#BellLetsTalk — Say No To StigmaMy Profile


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