Thinking Out Loud Thursday #32

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#1 Ski Time

My school has a “ski club” – basically what it means is that just about every week in February and one week in March, we head to a local ski hill for an evening of ski fun time. Ottawa is really close to a bunch of great little hills. They are not Whistler by any means, but still fun. Tremblant is the nearest “big hill” at about a 2 hour drive away. The school does go there, but on a Saturday. Tremblant also has no night skiing. Camp Fortune, Edelweiss and a few other hills have night skiing and are within 30 minutes of our school. This week we were at Camp Fortune, which is in Gatineau Park. It is a smaller hill, but still has some challenging runs. I mostly stuck to the intermediate, blue square runs – but did go on one black diamond run at the end. That run wasn’t bad, except the last little bit (which didn’t go so well). I didn’t fall this time, although I came close on the chair lift when it smacked my butt.


#2 Speaking of Ski Hills

What is with people throwing bras and panties on the trees beside the chair lifts?!?!

*sorry no pictures of that!*

#3 iPad Training

I had to go to the “employer’s main fortress” the other day for some PD. I learned all about the iPad. How to turn it on, how to erase apps, how to use the Apple ID. I love a good throwback to 2011, especially when it involves a 50 minute drive across town. I didn’t really learn anything. I don’t really need to learn how to use an iPad – but what I would have liked to have seen is what apps people have been using in Comm tech. That would have been interesting!

Let’s just say it took quite a few of these to keep me awake!


#4 I got lost!

I am almost always home for when Max goes to bed. It has been quite some time since the last time he went to bed when I wasn’t home. Since I was skiing last night, I didn’t get home until 10pm and Max was fast asleep (for once…the other night he was still up). This morning, he woke up calling me. I went into his room and he goes “Mom – Are you there? I lost you!!”. He was also going on and on about “getting lost” and “losing me”. Poor guy!


#5 Burrito Bowls

I love Burrito Bowls. I actually prefer them over actual burritos (aka the wrap). I made myself a little burrito bowl for dinner last night. I didn’t have any meat, so black beans had to do. There is just something about mixing beans, rice, and all the toppings in a bowl. I probably could eat a burrito bowl every day!



#6 Annoying…

I don’t really comment on my job much on here – but the last two days of work have been very frustrating. Frustrating, not because of the students. Actually, if students could control my job, I would probably be better off right now.  I am “vague blogging” a bit right now – but basically I have an unpaid day off tomorrow and I just found that out a few hours ago. So now I am thinking that I am going to the Nordik instead…or to the movies….Anyone want to hang out with me?


Later alligators!

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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    A PD day to learn about the iPad? Hahaha amazing.
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