Winter Training Report #5

How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was busy! The problem with exam week, is that I tend to be very busy in the mornings from Monday-Thursday because of exam duties. During which, you cannot really get anything else done. Exam duties take up half the day, and by the time they are finished you want to eat everything because you are so darn hungry. We tend to take slightly longer lunches during exam: a whole hour vs our usual 40 minutes. Then we are marking, phoning students, figuring out final marks and for some of us, figuring out our placements for second semester. By the time Friday comes around, everyone panics a bit because that is the only day we get to really plan for second semester, which starts on Monday. I only found out my schedule on Thursday afternoon, so Friday was busy. I had to be at one school for a department breakfast, then pack up my stuff and hand in keys/paperwork. At my next school, I managed to talk to the other teacher who is teaching Comm Tech with me, build a class website and much around with Photoshop. But I have more to do. So as you can figure – I took lots of work home with me (and played with Photoshop some more).

I am excited to finally be back at what I would call “my home school” and no longer have to drive between schools or commute an hour to work. I now work 2 minutes from home :-). I can’t wait for the path to clear up in the Spring so I can run pretty much every day on the Ottawa River Path:


I feel warm just looking at that picture…..


Winter Training Report #5


Monday January 19 – 2.6 Miles in 30 minutes

A treadmill run where I got faster and faster – I started at 5.5 and went all the way up to 7.3mph.

Tuesday January 20 – 1.5 miles in 14 minutes

+ 30 lat pull downs @40lbs

20 squats and 20 lunges with 10lb weight

30 rows @ 25 lbs

Wednesday January 21 – 3.5K run in 20:47

Ran with the school’s Run club. One other staff member and 3 very fast girls! I had to run at my own pace since it was just a bit icy on the sidewalks and going too fast will equal trouble. I held just slightly over a 6:00/km pace for the first 2K – then as we turned around I kept up with the girls and my friend and I ran the last KM in 5:30. Run Club will be a regular thing in second semester!

Thursday January 22 – 2.2K Speed Workout

First time on the track for a speed workout since May of 2014! I only have a limited time on the track and warm-up is crucial for me. I jogged 600m and then did all of my dynamic drills. I ran 4x400m at just below race pace. This is something else that I am switching up. Before, I used to run 400 in 1:30-1:40 – now I am sticking to just below race pace, which for me means 1:50’s. I knocked out the first three in exactly 1:50, and the last one at 1:35. I only had 1 minute rest in between each 400. I ended up wearing my racing flats on the track which made a world of difference. I now wear them on the treadmill too.

Friday January 23 – Rest

Saturday January 24 – 2 miles in 21:30

+ 20 lunges/10 squats with 10lb weights

30 row @30lbs

20 tricep pulls @20lbs

Look at me – at a gym on a Saturday! I paid $5 to put Max in the playroom. He loved it. Lots of kids to play with on a Saturday! I ran on the treadmill and did some weights. The gym is much more busy on the weekend!

Sunday January 25 – Rest

Monday January 26 – 2 miles in 20 minutes

+ 30 tricep pulls @20lbs

30 rows @25lbs

Another gradual increase treadmill run. This time going all the way to 7.5. I feel like I’m flying on the treadmill at that speed, even though I am perfectly capable of running at that speed on the road. It just feels different on the treadmill.

Tuesday January 27 – Rest

Wednesday January 28 – 2 miles in 18:30

Much faster run on the treadmill today – getting more used to running about 6mph. I remember a time that going above 5.5 was “too fast” for me. I now tend to sit at about 6.5 and then raise it for a minute or two – kind of like doing strides. No weights today 🙁

Thursday January 29 – Hurdles workout….

Yup – you read that correctly. Hurdles.

I coach on Thursday nights and before Christmas, my co-coach and I would work with our head coach on all the drills we put our kids through before they got there. Both of us have track backgrounds, but neither of us had jumped before (trust me when I saw our long jump practice was LOL worthy) and at least for me, I didn’t really get intensive training when I was in track. Although we totally know how to correct drills as coaches, we don’t know what it feels like to do them. Knowing how it feels = easier for me to correct and explain how to do them properly.

Anyways – back to hurdles. I went into the dome thinking I was going to hammer out 5×400. But as soon as I got there, my head coach said the other coach was there and we were doing hurdles. So we did. We did a whole pile of hurdles drills, tried to run over 3 hurdles on the track at full speed, a bunch of 30m accels, some plyo workouts (jumping on boxes and stuff), and a core workout (that one hurt). It was snowing that night so at 5:30 when the team is supposed to start, there was 1 kid there – so that is why we got through so much. We didn’t stop there – we only had 3 kids at the beginning so we put them through the hurdle drills and did them together. After I took them to the long jump pit, we did 6x80m at full out with 2 minute recovery. I thought, why not join them? It was just me and 3 boys in the group. I ran the 80m in 13/14 seconds. Freaking thing was that the dome lights went out at the finish line – and we were running into darkness! It was fun running with the kids! (although I shouldn’t do that much sprinting…)

Friday January 30 – Weights

I came down with a nice cold on Friday and did not feel like hacking up a lung on the treadmill. I just did weights quickly, as I really only had about 30 minutes to workout:

30 rows @ 25lbs

30 lat pull downs @ 30 lbs

30 Tricep pulls @ 30 lbs

30 squats @ 10lbs

Saturday January 31 – Rest/Sick

Sunday February 1 – Still sick……



Much better training during these past two weeks. I hope I can keep up with this. As I mentioned on Friday – the idea for the next 6 weeks or so is to continue working out about 5x a week, with emphasis on weights/speed. But, now, starting today, I am going to try and ramp up the mileage a bit with a long run. I am noticing that working out with weights = I am getting stronger. My legs and arms are getting less lanky. I have also noticed that in my legs, I am do just only have developed quads/calves. Other muscles are now working as well. I have glutes again! The biggest change is the inner thigh muscles (adductors?). Before I used to kind of be a bit wobbly in that area – now I can feel muscles there.

In terms of overall mileage for January – a huge improvement from last year. In January and February of 2014, I ran a combined total of 31K. In January of 2015 – I ran 34K! I did not break 30K until April of last year. In December I ran 28K. Maybe the plan for February will be to break 40K or even 50K?

The next plan is to try and get outside more to run. It just seems so much easier to run longer distances outside. Now if only the cold weather would ease up a bit!

Have a great Monday!


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  1. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    LOL…I think we must live close to each other…that river pathway is VERY familiar to me…sigh…oh, how I can’t wait to be along it again soon!!

    I get stressed just thinking about your turnover from one semester to the next…new courses, new schools, new students…ahhhhhh!!! Probably why I’m not a teacher!!
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…Weekend fun with some pesky icicles!My Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I live in Orleans! That picture is from the Tenth Line part of the path 🙂

      Semester turn around is *so much fun*

  2. Jesica @rUnladylike

    Great job last week! Hurdles! EEk! That is awesome. I was a track runner in middle school and high school but hurdles always scared me 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with my weekly recaps. Hope you are having an amazing week of training this week. xo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…Friday FITspiration: Words of Wisdom from Elite Runner Tina MuirMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      My face when my head coach said “Colin is warming up – you guys are doing hurdles in 5” was :-O. I had totally planned on having my lonely 5x400m workout by myself. But it was fun and because of a storm, we had a really small group (less than 10, compared to the usual 20+) we worked out with the teens!


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