Winter Training Report #6

Happy Monday!

So Ottawa – how did you like that cold this weekend? ┬áCongrats to everyone who braved the cold to run Winterman yesterday! Although I have run in a really cold race – I did not run in yesterday’s race. I have only run Winterman once – maybe again one day!

Another two weeks have gone by – here is the latest winter training report!


Winter Training Report – February 2nd – February 15


February 2nd – 1.5 Miles + weights

A 1.5 treadmill run that was done in 16 minutes. I was still sick from a cold and this run was a bit brutal. My lungs were on fire. I did manage to get 1.5 miles done and then headed to the weights. I completed 30 lat pull downs at 40lbs, 30 squats and 20 lunges with two 10lb dumbells. That was all for that day.

February 3rd – Rest

February 4th – 5K

I ran 5K in 32:00 on the treadmill during a lunch workout. It was very boring! I don’t see how people can run long distances on the treadmill. I’m so used to not running with music that listening to music seems too distracting and watching TV doesn’t work. But, I completed my run. I then did 30 rows at 40lbs and 30 pull downs at 40lbs before having to head back to work.

February 5th – 4.2K Track workout

I ran at the track on this day. I get a bit of track access before I have to coach, and it is the quietest time on the track before everyone else gets there. I usually don’t have time for more than an hour though. This night I managed to complete 4×800. I ran them at my 5K race pace and ran the first three in 4:00. I ran the last one slightly faster in 3:50. I do have the ability to run these 800m significantly faster, but pushing it on the track = injury for me. So I’m keeping the speed reasonable for now.

February 6 – 1 miles + weights

Another quick lunch time workout. I had to pick up Max from home (who was at home with P) at lunch, so I did not have a long time to workout. I managed to get 1 mile in (forgot the time) and did 30 rows at 45lbs, 30 pull downs at 30lbs and 30 tricep pulls at 30lbs. Then, I had to go!

February 7 – Rest

February 8 – Rest (Weekends just don’t work for me)

February 9 – Medball at home

I didn’t have time to get to the gym on Monday – so I just did some simple medball drills at home with an 8lb medball. I need a slightly more heavy medball, but 8lbs still is a challenge with some exercises like lunges. I did some squats, lunges and also threw in some pushups (no medball) for good measure.

February 10 – Skiing!

I went skiing with my school on Tuesday night. I did get lots of steps in, as measured by my Jawbone – but I did not feel my quads burning like I have in the past. I skied from 5pm-8pm before calling it a night. I skied mostly blue square runs, with one black diamond at the end.

February 11 – 2 miles + weights

2 miles on the treadmill in 19:00. I picked up Max and had him in the gym daycare while I worked out. No kids for him to play with this time, but he played ball with the daycare attendant. I broke the 2 miles up into two parts. I ran one mile, did my weights and then hopped back on the treadmill for another mile. The weights I completed were 30 lat pull downs at 40lbs, 20 squats/lunges with two 10lb dumbbells and 30 rows at 40lbs. I was pretty tired from getting home late from school the night before (10pm), spending the entire day learning “how to use the iPad” (aghh) and had a pretty big headache. But, with two advil and a workout, my headache disappeared. Magic!

February 12 – 3K Track workout

I had the track to myself again and ran 3x1000m at a “decent pace”. I forgot my watch at home (bad coach!) and my Jawbone wasn’t the best timer, so I have no idea how fast I was going. I ran 1000m, then walked the 200m back to the 1000m start line and started again immediately. I did start running just before 5pm and was finished by 5:16, so I am guessing I was going at 5:00/km. It wasn’t that bad at all. No aches, no pains. Just wish I had my watch!

February 13 – 3 in 1 workout day

Friday was a PD Day for me. This PD Day was a “choose your own adventure” type where you can select where you want to go. I usually choose to go to Phys Ed because you can learn new workouts and get new ideas from the workshops. I chose the two “workout idea” sessions – one being Ignite 360 and the other being a no equipment circuit. We only had a half workshop-style PD, so the sessions were short, at under an hour. By the time the instructors were done explaining things, there wasn’t much time to try the workout. But, we did manage to get some workouts done. In the Ignite 360 workout, we started off with dynamic warmup drills and then went through a series of different exercises. Everything from speed skaters to agility ladders to medball throws. I even did one of those rope exercises (which are hard by the way!). The second workshop took us throw a few exercises without weight equipment. We only got to do the warm up ourselves, which was all stuff that I use with my track team. After the workshops, I went for an oil change and then had a free hour after to get another 2 miles in. This was another struggle fest. I was tired from the morning, so these two miles were harder than normal. I wanted to stop at 1 mile, but I kept going. I then thought to myself, stop at 1.5 miles and that would be ok. But instead, I up’d the speed and finished the 2 miles. I honestly cannot remember if I did any weights. This is why I am supposed to write things down in my journal, which I neglected to do. I knew I was short on time, so I do think I only ran 2 miles and called it a day.

February 14 – Nothing really

I messed around with the medball – but I wouldn’t call it a workout

February 15 – short circuit at home

Since I was at home with Max all day, the only thing I could do was some circuit stuff at home. I did the following:

20 pushups

30 lunges with 8lb medball

30 squats with medball

3x 1:00 planks.

that was it!



I think that coming off marathon training, it is easily to think that you are not doing enough workouts. I am far better this winter than any winter before in terms of training, so I know that it is in my head. We are only halfway through the month, and I’ve already surpassed what I ran last February. I only ran 16K last year, and right now I’m sitting at 23. I would like to really start increasing my mileage soon. But that is something that I said in my last report. However, a big change from all previous years is the strength training that I’ve been doing. I haven’t really done this much strength work before and I will be curious to see how this work plays out with Around the Bay 5K next month. Getting stronger and engaging all of my muscles/working on muscle imbalance should play off nicely once the outdoor season begins. So will not running on the treadmill and not running outside with 1000 layers on. I did not run outside at all these last two weeks. It figures that on “nice” weather days (aka when it isn’t -20C and more like -10C), I cannot get outside for a run. Days that I have free time, I’m either swamped at work, or alone with Max. I’m pretty sure I am not the only person out there who is starting to get impatient for warmer temperatures and no more ice/snow.

Have a great day!



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  1. Brittany

    I can relate to your ending thoughts, but with half marathons. I think if I’m not running over 5 miles after a race that I am slacking. Really though the break is nice!! Awesome week.
    Brittany recently posted…My Kind of PartyMy Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    You’re doing a heck of a lot more training than me, if it’s any consolation ­čśŤ
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…A Saturday with My Giraffe and Elephant FriendsMy Profile


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