Day in the Life – 4 Outfits Edition

Good Friday Morning!

T-minus 6 hours until I am off work for a week. Hooray!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have been wondering what was up with all my outfit changes yesterday. As you might already know – Thursdays are called “Track Thursdays” because I have track practice on Thursdays, with the more recent addition of a morning practice for the high school team. However, yesterday was extra special because I also had a few hours of parent-teacher interviews as well.

So – for those interested. Here is my “day in the life” post when I have 2 track practices, 1 run club, 2 hours of parent-teacher interviews and oh yeah, that work thing too:

A Day in the Life

6:15am – Alarm goes off. I tell it to go do something to itself.

6:20am – Snooze goes off – I can also hear Max waking up. He decides to take off his diaper and fling it across his room. Nice.

6:25am – Shower time!

6:30am – When I get out of the shower, Max wants to go downstairs, so I get him ready for the day and bring him downstairs to watch some TV.

6:45am – After grabbing a cup of “go-go juice” aka coffee, I finally go and get dressed myself. Don’t worry, I had robe on. Despite what Max thinks (he likes to take his clothes off sometimes), this isn’t a naked house.

7:00am – I go downstairs, make breakfast and coffee for the go, assemble a lunch and then get Max ready.

7:20am – Finally after getting everything together and getting a three year old in his coat/boots/winter gear, we are in the car and driving.

7:35am – arrive at daycare and drop Max off. I run back to my car to head to school. Of course I hit every single red light.

7:55am – Arrive at school and quickly take off my sweat pants and boots and head to the gym. Luckily my track athletes knew what I wanted out equipment wise, and had everything set up for me.

8:00am – Track practice #1 – pretty self explanatory. We did lots of technical work as well as med balls.

9:00am – Track is over. I make sure the equipment goes back to where it belongs and then head to my morning class.


9:15am – Comm Tech class. We are heavy on the year book stuff right now as a deadline is approaching. Basically I delegate tasks, make sure other students have their other work done, arrange for photo shoots/getting names, and coordinate with the other Comm Tech teacher.

10:30am – class is over. I have prep during this period and I really have to sit down and mark. I had a huge pile of things that needed to be marked. Part of the problem is that I usually don’t get a perfect class set of assignments, so most of my time is making lists of outstanding work (or work that wasn’t completed properly) so I can remind students during class of what needs to be done. I also eat some oatmeal

11:40am – I get dressed for an outside run. Lunch starts at 11:50


Noon – No one is showing up for a run today (many are on track and in the personal fitness class – so they probably already ran). Insert sad face here. I go on a 2K run myself.

12:20pm – Arrive back at school, change and then quickly eat some lunch. I didn’t eat enough 🙁

12:30pm – Afternoon class. Today I am covering an Art class. Nothing too spectacular happened.

1:55pm – Art is over – time to go to my own class, careers studies. We did a little activity and had to make a bunch of lists of overdue work. Before I knew it, class was over.

3:15pm – Quickly put on my sweatpants and run out the door to pick up my babysitter.

3:25pm – Stuck in high school parking lot hell……

3:35pm – Pick up the babysitter and head to daycare

3:50pm – Get Max dressed and quickly put him in the car to take him home.

4:00pm – Arrive at home and literally run into the shower so that I don’t smell bad when parents arrive.

4:20pm – Back at school. I am in the comm tech classroom, so when I don’t have anyone present, I can do some work (and whine on twitter about being hungry).


4:30pm – Interviews start – but no one sees me until 4:50. I see a total of two parents of students in my classes and then one parent of a track athlete.

6:10pm – Last interview is done and I again, run quickly to my office to change yet again. This time into track clothes.

6:20pm – Run outside, jump in my car and head to the indoor track.

6:30pm – Arrive at the track and curse people who cannot park properly. Three idiots decided to span over two whole parking spots. There was next to no parking. I did squeeze into a spot. I head to my group and coach for an hour. I didn’t have anything to eat for dinner, so I’m quiet hungry. I even said that I needed to “eat a snake”, instead of snack….


7:45pm – Practice is done and I head back home.

8:00pm – Pick up the babysitter and Max – then take the babysitter home.

8:30pm – Arrive at home (finally). But, P wants to Facetime and Max wants to play – so we get started late on the bedtime routine.

9:00pm – Max is finally down for the night and I assemble dinner for myself. Spoiler alert – it wasn’t healthy! 😉

9:15pm – Sit down to watch Grey’s Anatomy. My dinner consisted of chicken pot pie, tortilla chips with guacamole and a chocolate tart.

10:20pm – I finish watching Grey’s (episode was boring) and head to bed. I have to wake up early again to be at an elementary school for 7:45am. GOODNIGHT! 


Some FAQ’s about my Day:

1) Where is P? – he is away on a robotics trip. Even if he wasn’t away, he would be at robots until late – so my track Thursdays are always like this.

2) What did Max eat? My daycare give him breakfast and lunch – I had pre-made his dinner the night before so K only had to reheat it

3) How much clothes did you pack? I always have a big Running Room duffel back filled with clothes for indoor and outdoor track. I also had my “parent-teacher interview” clothes laid out at home. I also filled the bag with my evening track practice before going to practice.

4) What else do you do to make things go faster? I set my coffee machine set up the night before – pack my lunch the night before – My bag is almost always pack – I have been leaving my garmin and a few other running things at school. That sort of thing… which is why I almost never do school work at night. By the time I’m done getting Max to bed, cleaning up, getting things ready – it is almost 10pm and I don’t want to be marking!


Have a wonderful Friday and happy MARCH BREAK do those starting holidays in the afternoon. 

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  1. Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate

    Sounds similar to one of my jam packed days….when you barely have time to go to the bathroom, lol!
    Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate recently posted…Day 4 of Training and Upper Body & Core WorkoutMy Profile

  2. Nicole

    Wow that’s a crazy day!! Teachers are amazing! I might have to be up super early for work but once I’m done, I’m done!!

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    There is nothing worse than not eating enough for lunch. It basically ruins my entire day haha.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Match Day ResultsMy Profile


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