Gearing up for Around the Bay

After reading race report after race report from running friends, it is almost time to put on my racing shoes again and line up for another race. I will be racing in the Around the Bay 5K at the end of the month. I ran the race last year and really enjoyed it, so I signed up for another go. There are lots of people I know that are running the 30K race, and I hope to see some at the arena before they start. Max and I will be travelling to the race on VIA Rail, since we took advantage of a “kids ride for $10” deal. I’m staying at my parents house, and hopefully they can give me a lift to the races (they will – and then go eat pancakes).

I feel like I just ran Resolution Run yesterday, but it will be almost three months in between races. I am very curious to see how doing more running and incorporating strength training will be this year. Last year, I barely ran before ATB, but still managed to sneak in a sub-27:00 5K, which wasn’t bad for the first race of the season. This year, I’ve run significantly more. Even compared to Resolution Run, I’ve run more. I only ran 28K in December, and as of this afternoon, I’m already at 27K for March. Not huge mileage for most seasoned runners, but better for me. I even had to laugh at my September mileage since it was around 160KM – how did I do that? I am going to take a bit of a dive in mileage next week – but so far this week, I’ve run quite a bit, so it should be fine.

A few things that I am thinking about:

a) Pace for Race Day

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t racing for a PB. ATB 30K goes downhill for the last few KM – and the 2.5KM turn around point is right in this area, so it makes that last half fast. Normally, I run a fast 5K like this: Fast – Steady – Fast/dying. I’ve gone sub-25:00 once, and been just over 26:00 twice – all with my training runs being fairly slow. In the last few weeks, I have been running noticeably faster. I’ve run two 3K’s in just over 15:00 when I used to struggle at 16:00. I ran my 800’s last week in 3:30, before I used to struggle if I ran 4:00. Plus, running at 5:00 or so doesn’t seem as hard any more. So really – I have no idea what will happen on race day. Maybe I will drop a couple of 4:xx KM’s?

b) Shoes

For the past two months I have been running my treadmill runs and track work in racing flats, and my outside runs in my Wave Inspires. I found the Wave Inspires to be too bulky/heavy for treadmill and track running. So naturally, I am trying to figure out if I should wear my racing flats for a 5K race. The answer is probably, yes.


c) Clothes

I am NOT going to make the same mistake I made last year and over dress. But, it is March and I have no idea what I should wear. NYC ended up being colder than I thought it would be, which is why you see that ugly green shirt in all my race pictures (it was a toss layer). ATB does not have bag check, so I am going to have to haul out some throw away laters for ATB. Where is that green shirt?


d) I need to run longer….

Because of timing issues – I have barely run more than 4K in a single training run. I’m hoping to not have to teach last period tomorrow so I can get a 5K in before track practice tomorrow. Thursday, it isn’t happening (or I will have to run a bit before Run Club) and even Friday will be tight. I will be running – just getting out there to run longer is hard.

So those are just some thoughts about Around the Bay – I am excited to race again, and hopefully *cross my fingers* have good weather to race in! Please?

Have a great evening!

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  1. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    In case I don’t get a chance while away – best of luck at ATB. Hard to believe it is a year since we traveled to that race! Sounds like you are heading to a PB 🙂
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…Today I Was One of THOSE PeopleMy Profile

  2. Nicole

    You are so fast now!! You are going to do so well this 5k!

  3. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    Yes to the racing flats!!

    As for baggage check at ATB…they lost my bag one year…it had my car keys in it (I had driven from Guelph that morning…BY MYSELF). There were 2 other women in the same situation as me. The race organizers didn’t care ONE BIT. It was awful. This was YEARS ago when you would put your car keys in baggage check…long before cell phones too. LOL.
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…Tragedy in the basement, rare flora sighting and Abby waking…oh, the cuteness.My Profile

  4. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    Good luck out there! I really need to sign up for a 5K – which I have never done. Wishing you happy, healthy training, the perfect outfit, and beautiful weather on race day. 🙂
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Baby on Board: Running and Training in the First TrimesterMy Profile

  5. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    This is such a tricky time of year for deciding how to dress! But good call on not over dressing. I’d rather be chilly than too hot. You’re going to do great!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Life in Cape Town & Hanging With the PenguinsMy Profile


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