Thinking Out Loud Thursday #36


Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.



#1 Look – no pants!

Ok – well I was wearing Capris. But still, bare legs! I brought the track team out for a 10 minute warm up run before going into the weight room yesterday. So nice to not wear so much bulky clothing!


I also was able to shed my winter running jacket and bring out my NYC Marathon jacket.


I had to bundle up again today though 🙁



Also note – I’ve changed my outfit 2x already today. I still have to “dress up” for Parent-teacher interviews and then change again for track! Unless I want to coach in a dress…..

#2 Nike Run Toronto!

I’ve signed up for the draw to enter the Nike Run in Toronto in June. I was looking for something longer than 10K for June, and this should work out nicely. Of course, there is no guarantee that I will get it, but it looks like a fun race. Plus, many runners I know are signing up for it. I always like a race with fellow running friends!


#3 Maybe no track tonight

It is Thursday, which usually means I head to track. But, it is parent-teacher interview night tonight, so I’m not sure that I will make it. Currently I have only three interviews booked, so I am hoping to catch the second half of practice. My interview location is my Comm Tech room, which means at least I will get some work done!

#4 This cracks me up:



#5 NYC Half Marathon!

The NYC Half is this Sunday and live stream of the event will be available. Lanni Marchant is running, so you know I will be watching!  I really want to sign up for this half next year. It usually lands on March Break, which means it is easy to get there and back without taking time off work. Plus, this time we could stay a couple of extra days to see the city. Max keeps asking to go to “Gum-Gum’s house” (Museum of Natural History, which he knows from the Night at the Museum movies). I do know that signing up for this event means winter long runs….yay?

That is all I have for today! See ya..

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