Training Report 03/02/15 – 03/08/15

Happy Monday!

How is that Daylight Savings Time Spring Forward treating you? I’m going to be in zombie land for a couple of days. But at least it is lighter in the evening again! As I mentioned last week, I am done with the winter training reports and moving back to weekly reports. I am now in 5/10K training rather than just running for fun. Nothing too extraordinary will be happening, but I will now be running outside more and really trying to get in those long runs.

Training Report 03/02/15 – 03/08/15


Monday March 2 – 3.25K Run Club + Gym

We have a run club at my school with a handful of students and staff. This week, I had a solid group of 5 or so students join me for a lunch time run on Monday and Wednesday. We only have 50 minutes for lunch, and that 50 minutes includes finishing up in one class and being ready to go and inside the next class by the end of the 50 minutes. So really, we have about 40 minutes for lunch. I have to wait for the students to get changed, so by the time everything is done, we have 20-25 minutes to run. Enough for a 3-4K run!

Anyways, we set out for a route that goes up my “hilly route” from marathon training. It was 75% clear of ice and snow, so that was a treat. We do get stopped at lights as well. I ran 3.25K in 19:30 which included stopping at the lights 2x. My students and I almost got hit by a car too (didn’t stop at the stop sign), good times!

After school, I quickly ran to the gym to do 30 squats, 20 lunges, 24 lat pull downs and 30 rows. All at the usual weights (2x10lb dumbbells, 60lbs and 45lbs).

Tuesday March 3 – Nothing Much but track practice

I’m back at it in terms of high school track coaching. As of right now, I don’t work out with the kids, but I do demonstrated several of the activities. We have practice 3x a week on Monday/Thursday morning and Tuesday after school. Today I demonstrated some hurdle mobility drills and a circuit.

Wednesday March 4 – 3K Run Club run

A nice day of 0C temps, but it snowed in the morning so the route we took was pretty slushy. Because of the snow/slush, I took the kids through some side streets out to where the Ottawa River Path starts up again and then back to school. It is just short of 3K, which means I have to run some circles in the parking lots to even out my mileage 🙂 I ran the 3K pretty fast, finishing in 15:30, which technically is a PB. Although I think I did run that fast in the 2013 Ottawa Race Weekend 5K.

Thursday March 5 – Speed Work

Best workout ever! Why? Because Lanni Marchant happened to be on the track! You can read about all of that in Friday’s post. I have since figured out why she is in Ottawa – and hopefully will see her again at the indoor or maybe even outdoor track another time. Anyhoo – I went in planning to do 4×800 since that is really all I have time to do. Of course the Lanni-effect was in full swing and I finished my 800s in 3:30, 3:35, 3:38 and 3:30. Although the 800s were hard, they were not full out and I could have done more.

Friday March 6 – Gym Workout + 2 mile run

Back at the gym today!  I had my “big break” schedule since I wasn’t substitute teaching for anyone, a change from working full-time all week. So, I took the opportunity to go to the gym. I ran 2 miles in 21:30, a nice slow run then did my usual weights:

– 30 squats with 2x10lb dumbbell

– 30 rows at 45lbs

– 24 lat pull downs at 60lbs

Saturday March 7 – Rest

Nothing on the agenda. P was away from Wednesday-Sunday, so when Max isn’t in daycare, running doesn’t happen.

Sunday March 8 -opps

With all plans made to go for a run when P got home – I kind of forgot to go on a run. Oppsies.



I am very glad that the weather is finally going warm again. This will make getting in longer runs so much easier. I really hate running for more than 40 minutes on the treadmill and prefer to run outside. With the warmer temperatures, that means that the sidewalks/streets are finally becoming ice free and I can get a decent run in. Also, since I’m not going to the gym as much now (maybe 2-3x a week), I don’t waste 30 minutes of time after school driving to the gym and changing. I prefer running after school since I can just run, jump in my car and pick up Max, and just shower when I get home. Plus, I run faster and better when I run outside.

Unfortunately track workouts are probably done until ATB. I can’t go to track this Thursday because I potentially have to sit in a chair for 3 hours instead, as I have parent-teacher interviews. I might get 3 parents in to see me, the rest of the time I just sit there. The following Thursday I will be busy and the week after that is right before ATB, so no speed work on the track. I will probably have to substitute track work with some fartleks or something.

I’ve been running faster in the past few weeks. In those 3K lunch runs, I have been holding a 5:00-5:15 pace and it hasn’t been “all out”. The next step is to try and increase those runs to 4-5K and see if I can hold that pace. I’m pretty sure I can, especially when I’m not dodging puddles, ice, snow and cars. I really want the Ottawa River Path to hurry up and melt away. I’m hoping that in 3 weeks we can head out to the path again!

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  1. Crystal

    I love that you have a run club at school. Great way to get kids interested in running! I like to run fast between telephone poles for interval runs when the track is covered in snow or busy.

    Yes bring on spring!
    Crystal recently posted…Hemp Hearts review & giveawayMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      We love our running at my school. We typically take over 100 staff and students to Ottawa Race Weekend – which is like a 1/6 of our school. Even had one run the marathon one year and we had a water station so we cheered him on big time

  2. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    Today’s weather certainly gives hope that there is an end to winter!!

    Lanni used to train with us…she was hilarious and a ridiculously hard worker!
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…She’s baaaaack, Abby does her exercises, and playing the emoji game!My Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      and of course it is supposed to snow a bit this weekend :’-(

      Lanni was insane at the track – I gave my track kiddies a modified version of her track workout and then described what she did – there were all like 😯 “whhhaatt”


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