Training Report – 03/09/15 – 03/15/15

Training Report – March 9 – March 15, 2015

5_10K_training2Last week was a bit of a busy week! But I managed to increase my mileage! Yay!

Monday March 9 – Run + Floor Hockey

I had track practice in the morning, but didn’t really demo anything. I ended up getting to stay in my gym clothes all morning since the teachers had a floor hockey game at noon. I played most of the game, and didn’t suck this time. After school I ran 5K in 29:30. Nice and slow – kind of going on a tour of the neighbourhood since so many streets are either slushy-snow covered or filled with puddles. I had to do a combination of running on the road and on sidewalks.

Tuesday March 10 – Double Run!

I ran with the Run Club at lunch. We ran 3K a bit slower, finishing in 19:30 (that included getting the lights both out and back on our route). I took them on the hilly route this time. After school I ran another 3K when I got home and finished that run in 15:40. Another quick 3K! My 3K route from home isn’t as bad, almost no puddle and completely ice free! Both runs were so nice because it was over 4C outside. I ran the lunch hour run with a long sleeved shirt and jacket, but my evening run was with just a tank top and a sweater. Sweet!

Wednesday March 11 – Track Practice.

I had some things to do during my afternoon prep (including picking up contact lenses – which I haven’t worn since NYC!). So, the only run I did was a 1.5K warm-up with the track team. I also did a few weights – including squats and lunges. But, I moved up to the 15lb dumbbells. I also did some arm weights as well. But, nothing as extensive as I’ve done at GoodLife. I ran this outside run in capris! So much better than all those layers!

Thursday March 12 – Run Club!

Another Run Club session with the group at lunch. A bit more chilly this time, so the layers were back. Normally I have speed work scheduled for Thursdays, but unfortunately I was obligated to take part in parent-teacher interviews instead and missed most of track practice. No speed work for me! I missed it!

Friday March 13 – Sunday March 15  – Nothing 🙁

P was away at the end of the week and Max and I were quite busy with other things, so no runs happened. Insert Sad Face here 🙁


Well the first part of the week was much better with getting runs in. The second half was just plain cruddy. I wanted to get a run in on Sunday, but between snow and not feeling 100%, I didn’t go. I still increased my total KM ran by 1K (hey every little bit counts), but I would have liked to have run another 3-5K, especially since I know that my running for this coming week will be really, really low. I also need to learn to make sure I do my “Jane Fondas” and “Fire Hydrant” dynamic drills before attempting to demonstrate hurdle drills to the track team. My hips were a bit sore on Friday. Whoops. Robotics season is almost over – so I will be happy to have a little bit more time to get runs in at the end of the month. Yay!


Have a great Monday!

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