Winter Training Report #7

February is gone! Thank goodness.

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Hopefully that means Ottawa is about to say goodbye to frigid winter temperatures and say hello to spring! Spring running is pretty great and I would be lying if I sad I was overly excited about running a long run on the perfect spring day (partly sunny, 15C). But, we do have a few weeks of winter left. Speaking of winter ending, this will probably be the last Winter Training Report – I will most likely go back to weekly training updates as I head into race season.

winter training


Winter Training – February 16-March 1


Monday February 16 – Nothing!

Tuesday February 17 – Gym Workout

It looks like I had a short gym workout on this day as I only managed to get 1 mile done in 11:00, which is on the slow side of things. I also did a weights circuit that included:

– 30 squats and 20 lunges with 2x10lb dumbbells

– 30 rows at 45lbs

– 30 pull downs at 50 lbs

– 20 tricep pulls at 35lbs

Wednesday February 18 – 3K Outside run in 19:00

Wow – I ran outside! Finally! It wasn’t bad at all! I ran from the school and went down a few side roads. The sidewalks were covered in the usual ice/snow so I ran on the road. Since it was the end of the day, the road was rather busy and there were several times I had to jump onto the sidewalk. When I reached the 1.5K turn around point, I ended up on this one quiet road that is part of the Ottawa River Pathway route that I take. It was completely covered in ice, which made running pretty interesting. My pace dropped off significantly and I slipped a couple of times. Other than that, a good run!

winter running

Thursday February 19 – Track Workout


#1 in 4:00

#2 in 3:55

#3 in 3:50

#4 in 3:47

Getting a bit faster with speed workouts. The way I ran this speedwork was I had my watch going the entire time. The plan was to run the 800m in 4:00 and then take 2:00 off. As I ran faster, whatever time I gained went onto rest time. Meaning, if I ran 3:55, my rest would be 2:05. I finished the workout in exactly 20:00. I really liked this workout!

Friday February 20 – Gym Workout

Just strength this time as that is all I had time for:

30 lat pull downs at 45lbs

30 rows at 50lbs

30 chest press at 25lbs

30 Fly’s at 25lbs

Saturday February 21 – Skiing

I went skiing at Tremblant. It didn’t really feel like a workout, but I guess it was? I was very cold.

Sunday February 22 – Nothing

Monday February 23 – Gym/Treadmill – 1.5 miles

I ran 1.5 on the treadmill. I almost earned my vomit comit card this round. I was feeling under the weather with yet another cold and I ate a yogurt at school right before I left. I made it to 1.5 miles and then had to jump off the treadmill. I then proceeded to sit in the massage chairs for 15 minutes instead. I also managed to do 30 lat pull downs and 30 rows before leaving.

Tuesday February 24 – Treadmill 2.5 miles

Back at the gym – I had limited time again and decided to run solely on the treadmill, nothing else. I managed to get 2.5 miles done in 25:00.

Wednesday February 25- Rest

I had my tattoo done the night before, so no workouts!

Thursday February 26 – 2K race pace. 

So I was supposed to do more than 2K as I had arranged to run with a student at lunch (we have a run club), but she was absent. Since I waited for some time, I had limited time to go out and run. I decided to make it  a quick 2K run instead. I ran the 2K at race pace (5:00/km). It was hard, but not overly difficult. Since it was lunch time, the roads were not as busy and I ran on the road.

No speed work on Thursday since I had some babysitter delays which mean I arrived at track at 5:25 🙂

Friday February 27 – Nothing

I had some on-calls and I had to go grocery shopping after work (Mom forgot to get Maxy Milk at he was peeved at me all night on Thursday) – so no time for anything.

Saturday February 28 – Nothing

Sunday March 1 – 3K in 16:30 Outside!

I managed to sneak a late Sunday run in at 5:30pm. 3K was all I had time to do. Part of my route was still snow covered and that part sucked. It was nice to run on some bare sidewalks thought. I ran at a slightly faster pace, but it was fine. Hurry up and melt you snow sidewalks!



An average couple of weeks I think. Not as much running as I would like, but what can you do? My time during the day is pretty limited. When I’m teaching, I prefer to do my workouts after school because I really need to get work done in the morning. As much as it would be great to show up at exactly 9am, I have things to do like photocopying, setting up my Photoshop demos and marking. Also, because I have a free period to sub for other teachers, I could find out late in the morning that I lost a “prep period” and that is very problematic if I show up to work at the bell. BUT – at my new school, we get out later and that means limited time in the afternoons. This week I am teaching full-time on Monday-Wednesday, so workouts will be a bit interesting to squeeze in. PLUS – I start High School Track practices this week, which complicates matters.

This is why I don’t really run spring half marathons. No time!

But – while I sometimes feel disappointed that I can’t really train for a spring half – I really like training for 5K/10K races. I like the speedy-short workouts and I just love the 5K race. My first 5k of the year is coming up at the end of the month (Around the Bay 5K). I do have to start working on getting in longer runs in the next few weeks. I sound like a broken record because I’m pretty sure I’ve said that in every training recap. However, with warmer temps, I’m sure that I will start running outside regularly now.

For the month of February, I ran 39K – more than January! I wish I ran 1K on Saturday to make it an even 40K 🙂

Have a great Monday!

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    Your track workout sounds really good ~ speedy! I like how you incorporated the extra time into your rest. Sometimes getting outside, even if you’re cold and full of ice, can be a great change of pace if you’ve been stuck inside for awhile. recently posted…Goodbye Miss. Phoebe (“Phoeeebs”, “Girlfriend”, “Sweet Girl”)My Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Hopefully the worst is over for you over there, weather wise! Spring runs are so lovely, so hopefully you can get one soon 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Elective: Community Health in Rural KenyaMy Profile


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