Manotick Miler Race Recap

Happy Monday!

There is basically no need to post a training recap this week since I only ran twice, on Thursday and Sunday. I was sick all week with the worst cold. I even had to go to the doctor’s on Wednesday because it my sinuses were so clogged up that it felt like someone was pushing my head in. Awful cold! So – running took a big back seat. I think I even disappointed Max who asked on Wednesday if we were going to go to the gym. Thursday was a standard 5K run around the neighbourhood – a sub-30 time with no big issues. Sunday was the Manotick Miler! I ran the 5 miler, but was on official pacing duty so I wasn’t necessarily “racing”.

Manotick Miler Race Recap

I did not go to the race expo early, so I just drove to Manotick on Sunday for 8:30 which is when my volunteer coordinator asked me to arrive. It was a bit chilly yesterday, so I wore my Tiux Compression socks, capris, a tank top and a long sleeved shirt. I wore my usual blue baseball cap and gloves as well. I felt perfectly layered for the race. I also wore a pair of bunny ears which I eventually had to carry since they kept blowing over in the wind. My parents were in town, so I was dropped off at the race site while my parents and Max went to breakfast. I ended up seeing Kristi right away which was nice. I talked to her for a bit, then went in to talk to the volunteer person. I then visited the washroom – lots of washroom stops in the AM because of the stupid antibiotics I am on. On Saturday the pills gave me a wicked tummy ache, so I delayed taking the medication until AFTER the race on Sunday. Regardless, I had some GI issues in the morning, but luckily everything was fine by race time. The “secret” washrooms in the changerooms were not accessible this year, which was disappointing. There were lots of portapotties outside, but I don’t think many people were using them because it was cold. I stayed inside until race time. The Manotick Miler is a much smaller race, so you are perfectly fine just running to the start right before the race starts.


I started the race in the middle and tried to not go out too fast. I went out a little faster than I was supposed to, finishing the first KM in 5:37. I slowed it down a notch, trying to ignore people running beside me as I felt that I wanted to match their steps. The first part of the race is fairly flat, so it is easy to go out too fast. I concentrated on staying on a steady pace. By the time I got to KM 2, I hit 5:50 bang on. The rest of my KM splits were

KM 1 – 5:37

KM 2 – 5:50

KM 3 – 5:49

KM 4 – 5:45

KM 5 – 5:55

KM 6 – 5:51

KM 7 – 5:54

KM 8 – 5:36 (opps)

The race had 3 water stations which was just perfect for this kind of race. I only drank a small amount of water. I was barely sweating at all. A couple of times the windy became strong, but overall the weather was not bad for a spring race. The race route has a bunch of rolling hills, but since I’ve run the race before, I knew exactly where they would appear and expected them. I ended up having to pass a few people every once and awhile, but I noticed that some people were keeping up with me. Many runners after the race said they were trying to keep me in view. The last couple of hills were a bit difficult though as by the time I got to KM 6, my legs were starting to get tired. Other than that, I felt at ease during this race. I was relaxed, had good form (I think) and was running at talking pace. The last couple of KM required a bit more concentration. The one part that was difficult was when we met the 3 milers just before the end of the race. It was really difficult to not run at their slightly faster pace. If I wasn’t pacing, I probably would have run at their speed. It was also hard to not try and speed up at the end. Even though I was starting to get tired, I wasn’t necessarily at my “race pace”.


I did not have a bib on for this race. I felt sort of like a race bandit with no bib. Luckily I did have my bunny ears so people knew that I was the pace bunny. I did get a medal. The Manotick Miler has really nice race t-shirts and medals. I finished the race in 46:22 with an overall average pace of 5:48 – not bad! The race snacks were popcorn, granola bars (YAY TWO KINDS), and the usual fruit spread. Inside the hockey arena there was a beer garden too. We had to wait until 11am to get beer though. We went to the playground to waste some time and then finally at 11, I could have my victory beverage. It was really good (Hefeweisen – it had banana notes!). I tried to give Max my medal, but he didn’t want it. He did want to give me a hug though. After the race I saw/talked to Mike, Dan and Kamerine – it was nice to see you all in person, finally!






So – after this race, I basically have set my Sporting Life 10K goal to be sub-55. I will have to run a 5:30 pace, which may or may not be do-able, but I will try. I’m going to try and run lots this week to catch up on a few longer runs. The really annoying thing about being sick last week is that I missed a crucial time period in preparing for this 10K. Oh well! There is two weeks to go before the Sporting Life 10K, which is plenty of time to get some quality runs in. Time to get running!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. MikeM

    Good job pacing and it was nice to meet you briefly after the race. I really enjoyed this race and will probably be back again. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick around for beer next time!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      It is a fun race – maybe next year I will try the 10 miler!

      Definitely stick around for beer – they had so many options available!

  2. Aly

    I saw you in the corral but didn’t have a chance to say “hi”. We seem to be hitting the same races this year! Maybe I’ll be able to come introduce myself as a reader at the Sporting Life 10k 🙂

    It was my first time running the Miler but was very impressed with the organization of the race – I’ll definitely be running it again!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Definitely come say Hi at Sporting Life! I will also be helping with race kit distribution on the Saturday 🙂

      inStride does a fantastic job with organization. Their races are a bit smaller, but I like that!

  3. David

    Great race and well run event. I will definitely be back. Few comments: they should announce top three of each race along with medals for each. Food options were sub par.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      One day I hope an Ottawa race has really good food after!

  4. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    Congrats on another successful pacing job! One day I will get up the nerve to try it, it still makes me nervous 🙁
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…No PB at the Manotick Miler…My Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      It definitely makes me nervous – but I pace at a slightly slower pace (for me). You should definitely try it one time

  5. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Great job! And good luck with the next two weeks before your race. 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Highlights from Zambia, Zimbabwe & BotswanaMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Thanks 🙂

  6. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    Antibiotics are the worst! Way to still kick butt anyways. Seems like a sub 55 is definitely achievable.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…Roasted garlic, tomato & almond green beansMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I have never had to take them for an illness before. Definitely not liking them, although the pounding, head-squeezing pain is gone, so there is that!


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