Thinking Out Loud Thursday #37

It has been awhile since my last TOLT! But here we go – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons



#1 Ultimate Track Thursday

I’m about to head to the track today for a fun 8+ hour day on the track. My high school team has a track meet and then I just stay at the track for my competitive club practice tonight. Sweet! I also like that I only have to wear athletic gear today (which is funny when you read yesterday’s post). It will be a long day though!

#2 Yummy Dinners


The other night I saw a great piece of steak in the grocery store but didn’t want just plain steak. I decided to make an asian-inspired dish. I chopped some onion, celery, garlic and ginger and threw them in a pan with the steak. I did not cut the steak into slices – just cooked it whole. I then roasted some broccili and added some mushrooms. My sauce was a mix of soy sauce, brown sugar, 5-spice and salt and pepper. When it was done – I sliced the steak. It was so yummy! Even Max cleaned his plate.

I also made some pork shops in a similar style last night – but made a creamy mushroom sauce instead. Yay me for eating my meat!



#3 Violin Time

Max really likes Little Einstein’s and asked to play my cello the other night “like Quincy”. I did not let him touch the cello, but I had a cheap little violin that I gave him to try out. It is his new favourite toy! He does play it like a cello though 😉



#4 School and Yearbook

It has been a busy week this week as I’ve been teaching full time and yearbook is due. The one bright side about teaching yearbook is that I can ensure that the track and cross country teams are properly represented! I think this is the first time that BOTH teams are actually in the yearbook!


#5 VIA Rail Time

We had an interesting time on VIA this past weekend. On Friday it took 6 hours to get to Toronto – even though I specifically chose the express train that gets the trip in under 4 hours. Max was really good though. On the way back, we were only a bit delayed. BUT – we were in those stupid seats of four where you get to awkwardly sit across from strangers. Not too bad, but you end up getting absolutely no leg room and someone has to seat backwards. Luckily there were some spare seats on the train so our seat buddies were able to grab other seats. At least the views were nice:


Max somehow took this picture with the iPad



 #6 Air Canada

Speaking of travel. Air Canada is pretty cruddy some times. They are really bad at overbooking flights and leaving people stranded/having to wait for another flight even though they bought a ticket and had checked in. Usual rule is that the lowest far people get the boot the first. Annoying! What is also annoying and quite troubling is that they seem to think that it is ok for families with small children to seat apart. In our situation the remaining seats at check in on the plane were pretty slim with no rows empty. I talked to a rep on the phone and he said they would change it at the gate. Luckily for us, when I signed in to check in, we had a row of three. The Air Canada twitter account told me that next time I should fork over the extra $120 to select our seats in advance. Basically – they are telling families that if you travel, you should pay extra. I figured there would be some rule or something about kids unattended. It also seems to be a bit of a ploy to get you to pay extra money on top of your fare since in our situation we did actually have 3 seats assigned together.

We were lucky – other families have not been as lucky. If you look at the Air Canada twitter account, this problem seems to happen every single day, multiple times a day. Some families have been completely separated and in different rows. I’m not sure if random strangers would like Max screaming that his ears hurt OR having to hold him down because he doesn’t understand that he needs to remain buckled in during bumpy parts.

I’m so looking forward to flying Porter in two weeks! (Conference time – yay!)

K – Time for me to head to the track. Have a great Thursday! 

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  1. Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate

    You are quite the traveler!! lol Hope it was a good day 🙂
    Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate recently posted…Day 24 of Training: My Deal of the DayMy Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Haha I saw “violin” then looked at the picture and was like, “What? I think you mean cello!” but I understand now 😛
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Highlights from Zambia, Zimbabwe & BotswanaMy Profile

  3. Jessica

    Love TOLT! 🙂 And I am with you in that I do NOT love Air Canada. I have had them lose my luggage more times than I prefer to remember..
    Jessica recently posted…Goals for April 2015My Profile


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