Thinking Out Loud Thursday #40


Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons



#1 Stupid Cold!

My cold turned into one heck of a sinus infection. The sinus pain was all around my head, in my jaw and just plain nasty, so I went to the doctor and now on antibiotics. This cold has been nothing but ridiculous. I’ve had every single cold symptom you can think of – including red eyes this morning. I also have not run since Sunday which sucks! I’m thinking that maybe this afternoon I will finally get to run again – which is good because….


#2 Manotick Miler is this weekend!

I am pacing the Manotick Miler this weekend. Last year I paced the 6:00/km group, but have been asked to pace 5:50 this year. Shouldn’t be a problem. I usually run at a 5:30 pace anyways for a steady run, so 5:50 is manageable. Even last year, I thought it would be a struggle to run 6:00 but I ended up pacing around 5:55 anyways. I’m looking forward to seeing some running friends at the Manotick Miler! Who else is going?

photo (5)

#3 Grey’s

Apparently tonight will be an episode that “America never forgets” – will it?

There have been several episodes in Grey’s 11 season runs that have been unforgettable – the bomb episode, the shooter episode, Cristina’s wedding to Burke, When Burke comes back, the one when we find out that McDreamy has a Mrs., When Denny dies – so many! But will this episode be the same? Who knows? I will say that what has been happening this season is very similar to what has happened before. I know where I am placing my $5 for tomorrow’s bets!

#4 Speaking of TV

Who else is excited that Full House is coming back on TV? – well Netflix TV. Yes, the show is super cheesy – but I think that is one of the reasons why it was so popular. The show is just something you can watch and not have to think about it. I do hope the hairstyling will be better. Also – it is rumoured that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be returning – but who will play Michelle? They both look totally different from each other. Is Michelle going to have a series of makeovers on the show?

#5 Toronto

I really like Ottawa – but sometimes I really miss Toronto too. Ottawa doesn’t really have the “big city vibe” that Toronto has. It has been so long since I’ve been in Toronto (the city) that it was a bit of a shock to see the new streetcars and new subways. The first picture was the view from my hotel room. It was the first time I’ve ever stayed at the Sheraton, very nice! The conference ended a bit early (on purpose because the presenters wanted us to “enjoy the nice day”) and I took a walk through Toronto on my way to meet my parents for dinner. Beautiful spring day!





#6 Canadian Running

I subscribe to both Canadian Running Magazine and Runner’s World. I do have to say that I love it when I open up Canadian Running and see people that I know. There have been a few Ottawa Lions athletes in the magazine (including at least two on the cover: Melissa Bishop and Karelle Edwards). Even I’ve been quoted in the magazine once for something I said on twitter (about not running 32KM on my birthday because that is just insane on a -30C windchill day in January).



#7 Recommendations?

I need some new books and blogs to read. I did clean up my Feedly list the other day because there are some blogs that no longer exist and some that I just don’t even read. In terms of books, I have not read a new book in quite some time. Any suggestions?

#8 Max Questions

I’ve seen a few blog posts about answers young kids have given to their parents when asked some typical questions like “what is your favorite colour?”. I have asked Max a few of these questions and they don’t look like everyone else’s answers.

Example #1 – Max, what is your favorite colour?

Looks at his shirt – “Green! No wait, blue, brown, white, black, orange and purple! YAY!”

Example #2 – Max, how old are you?


“Yes, your name is Max – how old are you?”


“Max, how old are you?”


Example #3 – Max, what is your favorite book?

Runs upstairs and digs through his books and finds some random Star War’s book that we have never read – “THIS ONE! ROBOTS! YAY!”

Example #4 – Max, who is your favorite Disney Princess?

“Sorry Mom, I don’t have any Princesses here”

Example #5 – Max, who do you love?

He points to the lamp




Max loves lamp?

*If you don’t get this – I suggest you watch Anchorman right now!”


Ok – time for work! Have a great day!

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  1. Heather @ GirlGoesRunning

    I got my canadian running magazine in the mail this week too and I’ve not even opened it yet! Maybe for bedtime tonight 🙂
    Heather @ GirlGoesRunning recently posted…Race Photos Are Here!!!My Profile

  2. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    I’m hoping to be doing the 10 miler this weekend – just waiting to get the ok from my physiotherapist after injuring my calf. I will be really disappointed if I can’t make it.

    Have you read “All the Light We Cannot See”? It is a wonderful book, really well written and just won the Pulitzer. My guess is we will see it as a movie sometime in the future.
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…Manotick Miler This Weekend – I Hope!My Profile

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    So…. did you watch Grey’s? I haven’t watched in years, but I heard alllll about it.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Highlights from Zambia, Zimbabwe & BotswanaMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I do! I’ve watched it since the second season. We used to watch is as a house in university!

      I think the interest exploded. I stayed away from my phone/computer before watching the episode – which was a good thing because spoilers are everywhere!


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