Training Report 03/23/15-04/05/15

Happy Monday!

Definitely a happy Monday since I do not have to work today. I think for the past few years we have either been at robots or at my parents – but this year, nothing. A whole four days of nothing on the agenda. Surprisingly we got quite a bit accomplished this weekend. Including some running! I missed last week’s training report, so this is another 2-week edition


Monday March 23 – Nothing

I had a surprise on-call period that I had to cover. It was also the first day back from vacation and surprise, surprise, I was not prepared. Lots of work had to be done.

Tuesday March 24 – 2 miles on the treadmill

I ended up going to GoodLife in the evening as I did not have much time to run during the day. I had time for 2 miles before having to go home. I ran at around 9pm at night, which was kind of weird. It was strange not seeing my regular people at the gym! I did see some work-friends and a few students there. Nothing too extraordinary about this run.

Wednesday March 25 – 2.10K run at lunch

One of my run club kids wanted to run, so I went for a short run at lunch. Just over 2K. I had to teach all afternoon, so I had to make sure that I could eat some lunch afterwards.

Thursday March 26 – NOTHING

It was the province literacy test and I work the entire day with only about 20 minutes taken for lunch. I even had track practice in the morning. Insane! I also started subbing in a math class, which required teaching full math lessons. I had track that night too. I broke my rule of “no demo-ing hurdle drills before a race”. I went home and ate french fries and watched Grey’s

Friday March 27 – Travel Day

On the Train to Toronto! 6 hours on the train in a cramped position = not great!

Saturday March 28 – Rest

Nothing on the agenda but going to the Around the Bay expo and trying to fix my bum hip. I did lots of rolling and stretching

Sunday March 29 – Around the Bay 5K

PB race – hip behaved itself, although I definitely still had tightness on the left side. Read about my race here. 

I then sat on a train for 4 hours and my legs were not happy.

Monday March 30 – Rest

Tuesday March 31 – Kind of rest

I had track practice after school and I demo’d some hurdle drills.

Wednesday April 1st – GoodLife workout

Because I was still teaching a full-timetable, I did not have time to get any running in during the day. I picked up Max and went to GoodLife. I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill (split into two runs) and did a full weight workout: lat pull-downs, rows, tricep pulls, squats and leg press.

Thursday April 2nd – 5K run in 29:00

I had a track meet on Thursday, followed 2 hours later with another track practice (I coach two groups: high school and competitive – although some kids are in both). I had 1.5 hours to myself after the meet ended (P was picking up Max) and therefore a run was in order. I did not have my Garmin, but I had an old fashioned sports watch and set out on a out and back route. I planned on running 15 minutes out and then turn around and go back. It worked out to almost exactly 2.5K. The route was filled with huge, mud-filled puddles. Although I was sad I did not have my garmin, at least I had my baby wipes! The route was also a bit hilly too and my legs were not happy with me. Afterwards I had Subway for dinner and then coached until 7:45. Oh, and it was 12C when I went out. I wore shorts!


Friday April 3rd – 5K in 31:00

Oh my goodness – 14C and SUNNY! Best running day of the year so far. Seriously, it has been the worst winter for running and this was the first time I really felt warm during a run in such a long time. There was no wind, lots of sun and it was warm. It shouldn’t be a surprise that tons of people were out. P and Max were riding bikes around our streets/hanging out in the front while I ran. I just kind of ran around my part of Orleans. I managed to get 5K done before my legs got really tired and achy again. I also ran slower as well, on purpose. That night my IT band and quads were not happy, so I booked an appointments with my RMT.


Saturday April 4th – Massage

I had a massage session and that seemed to get my legs back in shaped. I did get told by my RMT to not leave things too long 😉

Sunday April 5th – 3K run

Sadly, it got cold again. I had a beer-can chicken on the BBQ and quickly went out for a 3K run before it was ready. We were cleaning up the house and doing general house stuff and 3K is all I had time for. I ran a bit faster and no major leg issues.


Not a bad couple of weeks – but still room for improvements. Work has been crazy lately and P was away again – which means I have to squeeze runs in while I can. Although he is home for a couple of weeks before going on two more trips at the end of the month. Now we know why a spring half marathon was NOT on the agenda.

I am annoyed that my legs were wonky this week. Not sure what is really going on, other than going full-out during a race and sitting in a train for too many hours. I also have to ensure that I still get at least 1 gym workout in a week as I find that strength training really works. I noticed in my ATB race photos that there is no more hip drop – sweet! I am slacking in the cadence department though.

This week’s priority is to get a long run in. I have the Manotick Miler coming up and I need to be super comfortable with 8K. I’m pacing at 6:00/km which is my slow-ish for me, but I would rather not feel dead tired after the running 8K. I did alter my track practice schedule to allow for a Wednesday afternoon run after school. I’m hoping to get 6-7K done. We don’t have anything on the agenda for next weekend, so hopefully I can get a quality long run in then. I just have to be careful to not break my 10% rule.

I know that this week will be pretty busy again with all my work and track stuff – but here is hoping I get at least 2 longer runs in! Yay!


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  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    Although your legs felt a little wonky, you were still able to get in a couple weeks of good training. Maybe it was the shorts!!! How exciting that the weather is finally starting to cooperate for you and that you were able to wear shorts. Good luck this week getting your long run in.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Week 16; An Avocado, A Donut, and Some Belly ButterMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      It is supposed to be 18C on Sunday – WHAT DO I DO?!?

  2. Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate

    Glad you had a good weekend and got your legs back in shape! Bonus to have Monday off too 🙂
    Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate recently posted…Day 29 of Training: Celebrating 50 Years and Sweet Potato FriesMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      It was nice to have a super long weekend!


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