Training Report 04/06/15-04/12/1


Seems like I can finally put most of my winter gear away – a much better week for running and finally, a week without the treadmill!

Training Report: April 6-April 12 2015


Monday April 6 – Nothing.

Day off from work and we spent the day doing random house stuff and hanging with Max

Tuesday April 7 – 5K in 29:50

My first run of the season on the Ottawa River Pathway! My legs felt tired but I still managed to run 5K in 29:50. I actually ran in the morning instead of the afternoon. I started running with the track kids during practice and finished up the last little bit on the pathway while they were changing. I actually made it in before the school bell even rang ( I have first period prep). There were some snowy spots, but overall not bad!

Wednesday April 8 – Nothing/Rest

Thursday April 9 – 3K in 17:00

Once again I attempted a run in the morning before the bell rang. This time, my legs felt amazing and I finished the first KM in 5:17 and felt like it was no effort at all. Of course, when the legs feel good, what happens next: GI issues. I felt some cramping and whatnot, so I turned around at 1.5K and went back to school. Really frustrating! I definitely struggled to finish the 3K even though I probably could have run for 5KM+. Oh well! I did grab some dumbbells in the fitness room and did some squats in my office – that isn’t weird at all, right?


Friday April 10 – Nothing

I had a track meet and I was rather busy with that!

Saturday April 11 – 4K Progression Run

P was home this weekend, so I made plans to run 2x this weekend. Feels so different! It was a nice, sunny day out, but it was windy! I went out to cover 4K as I knew that I would be long running on Sunday. I made the run a progression run and ran negative splits – starting off just below 5:55/km pace and going down to 5:12 in the end. Nice brisk pace! I also ran in my NYC Marathon jacket. The way weather works in Ottawa, you only have a few weeks of this nice spring weather before it goes warm again – so spring running gear comes out in full force.


However – when I came home from my run – Max did not greet me at the door. Actually, I heard a “oh oh” and feet running. I tried to go into my office upstairs and he was waving his hands going “No, Mommy!”. So, I knew he had done something. He ran into the office and grabbed a Statue of Liberty Statue and showed it to me, because he thought it was cool. Then he went to play trains with it. Alright. Immediately, I noticed that my NYC Marathon Mini-me Statue was missing and that Max had now run away. I found the feet first and yelled “MAX!!!!”. I found the rest of the statue shoved in between the desk and the guest bed – as if he was hiding it. I went downstairs and the poor lil guy was hiding underneath his train table, shaking and crying. I didn’t get mad or anything, but he knew he was in trouble. Apparently he was up in my office, playing by the window – and as Max told me a few hours later, he was waiting for me to return from my run and wanted to play with “running Mommy”. Oh well – nothing a little super-glue cannot fix.


Sunday April 12 – 8K Long Run in 50:00

After finally finishing up our weekend task of re-installing our kitchen floors – I set out for a long run at 5pm. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with the temperature at 18C and full, funny skies. You cannot ask for better running weather. After a long hiatus, I broke out the shorts/tank top and ran with no winter gear. It has been awhile! I think the last time I ran in spring/summer gear was my 20 miler before NYC. I did plan on 10K, but timing and some GI issues (again…) made me turn around a bit early. I ran down the Ottawa River Path up to my 3.5K turn around point (a lonely, single tree in a field) and went back home. A little girl, walking with her parents, tried to keep up with me at one point. I could hear her Mom saying “leave her alone, she might be training”. Hilarious! I ran my last KM around my neighbourhood and went side. Not a bad run! My pace was holding at around 6:10/km – a little faster (ok, much faster) than my marathon long run pace – but marathon training and 10K training are two different ballgames.



I missed strength training this week. Opps. Not much time was available to head to the gym. I’m going to try and go on Wednesday evening with Max again. After school is just too rushed and track/supply teaching eats up the rest of my schedule. I definitely can feel it when I don’t lift some weights on a regular basis! I also need to focus on some hip strength soon. I think my glutes are good, but my hips feel all out of sorts.

This was the first week that I went to 20K in a while. I’m not worried at all about running 10K in the Sporting Life 10K or Race Weekend – but I would like to run them significantly faster than 1:08. The plan is to run sub-60, which I think is totally do-able. But sub 55 might also be nice. I have the Manotick Miler coming up in a couple of weeks. I believe that I will be pacing the 6:00/km again, which is what I did last year. After that, I have another 2 weeks before the Sporting Life 10K. Because I’m running back-to-back races during Race Weekend, the Sporting Life 10K will be the super PB attempt for the 10K. Ideally, I would like to get a couple of longer runs in before then but I also need to do some speed work as well. I think some 1000m repeats are heading my way!

The GI issues are a pain right now – but pretty typical. Probably not drinking enough water and eating enough protein. So, my focus this week is to eat a bit better and walk around with a darn water bottle already. I also had some Vega chocolate protein shake after my run on Sunday and that stopped any cramping that I was experiencing.


If you look back at this post from the summer – my first week of marathon training looks just like this week, minus a few KM on the long run. I have not registered for a single race in the fall (except Beer Run, of course!). I’m pretty sure the Canada Army Run Half Marathon will happen again – but not sure about the rest of the Fall Season. I have been thinking that I want a do-over for the marathon. I am positive that I can run a heck of a lot faster than a 5:40 marathon and want to try the Toronto Waterfront. This week has definitely been a boost to running as I feel like I could definitely run for more than 30 minutes outside and not be bored. Ideally, what I’m going to do after May is focus on a base and be ready to go for the Army Run – if that goes well, there are only a few long runs left before STWM. I can do it, right?

Have a great Monday!!!

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  1. Marsden

    Heck yes you can!

  2. Carmy

    5:17 = no effort? YOU ARE ROCKING IT. I’m so jealous!
    Carmy recently posted…Thoughts on TYS10KMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I know, right? Before I would be huffing and puffing if I ran that in a training run. Even today – I ran 5:30/km and it wasn’t bad at all. Progress!

  3. Crystal

    I bet you have used super glue a lot as a mom! Cute 🙂 Good work this week. GI issues suck. I have been there. Hope it figures itself out soon!
    Crystal recently posted…A few words about runningMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      So far Max has been good with not breaking stuff too much!


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