Thinking Out Loud #43


Busy day (again) today as I have school all day, then I’m heading straight to the track. I hoping to get a hills workout in while the West-Ottawa meet finishes and then I have a practice with half the group (the East-Ottawa kids, who had a meet yesterday). Then, Grey’s Anatomy!

Time for Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking with Amanda at Running with Spoons


#1 So.Tired.

We had our first championship meet yesterday. I was at school for 7am and did not get home until 6:45pm. Needless to say, I’m tired. I do it all again tomorrow as I have a staff meeting early in the morning and then as mentioned above, school then track. I’m also hoping to get to GoodLife tomorrow for a short weights workout (I might just stay at school though). I had to bring Max at 2:30 to the track since the meet went so late and P had robots. That was also a little exhausting. I wore a bright orange sweater (school colour) and apparently people saw me all over the track.

#2 Humidity vs No Humidity

I ran a 5K on Tuesday at just about the same speed as I ran on Sunday. There was no humidity and of course the run felt so much better. The humidity on Sunday really took a toll on my breathing. Although I don’t think I would have run that much faster without humidity, I think I would have felt a bit better and that would have improved my form. I knew I was busying a bit lazy, form-wise, on Sunday. I worked on a few things on Tuesday to try and work on the crossing over and hip drop. It is a work in progress!

#3 Poutine for dinner

After yesterday’s track meet, I totally had a poutine for dinner 😉


#4 Ottawa Race Weekend

So next week’s TOLT will be dedicated to The Ottawa Race Weekend aka my favorite weekend of the year! BUT – in the meantime, some fun facts about the weekend:

a) I’m running both the 5K and 10K back to back. I have two hours rest in between though

b) I am leading a water station for the marathon on the Gatineau side. Let me know if you are running in the marathon 🙂 My 50+ students (and Josee) and would love to cheer you on

c) If it is hot – every water station is instructed to spray runners with a hose (if they want it – I won’t jet-spray you in the face)

d) There are over 600,000 cups on the course!

e) The 10K race is also the Canadian Championship and that race is STACKED. I am more familiar with the women runners though. The top Canadian women include: Lanni Marchant, Krista Duchene, Tasha Wodak, Rachel Cliff and Rachel Hannah. I’m thinking the race will be between Lanni and Tasha (who have been racing together a lot) and maybe Krista (who just ran an Olympic qualifying marathon). It is just too tough to tell. If you are not running, seriously spectate!

More next week!


#5 Special Visitor

I won’t say anything until it really does happen – but I have a special visitor coming to my class tomorrow. Stay tuned! (I know….why mention it? Suspense!).

#6 Speaking of Suspense

I will be making a running related announcement on the blog on Monday. It is some super excited news! Another stay tuned for you!

Ok – time to go to work! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Heather @ GirlGoesRunning

    So many exciting announcements coming! 😉

    I’ve not done a back to back race like that. I bet it would be cool!I have not had poutine in so long! Now I’m craving one badly, lol.

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I was just talking with my Chilean friend about how much he misses poutine haha. Excellent meal choice 🙂
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Oh Hey ThereMy Profile


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