Thinking Out Loud Thursday #42

THURSDAY!! Actually never mind. I couldn’t finish this post yesterday due to the track and the fielding – so Happy Friday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.




I finally broke down and bought some new running shoes yesterday. My shins have started to ache a bit and that is #1 sign to replace my shoes. I buy a new pair of stability shoes (almost always Mizuno Wave Inspires) every 6 months or so. The blue pair of Wave Inspires were bought in October and worn during the marathon, so it was time for a new pair! I bought another pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s but this time in that dark pink colour. The shoes were $60 off, which is comparable to what I would have paid in the US for the same pair. I do want to try the Wave Inspire 11’s, but paying $160 for a pair isn’t in my budget right now. I also bought a pair of Nike Cross trainers as well to wear to the gym and when I’m coaching. I have a habit of not switching shoes that often and need more in my rotation. Now the blue Wave Inspires will be my 3-6K shoes, the pink ones are the distance shoes, the Wave Musha are my treadmill/track work shoes and the Wave Riders and Nike’s are my every day shoes. I really hate the Wave Riders….so not the shoe for me!


#2 Speaking of that shin pain

I knew when I ran 10K in the chariot that I would have some issues later on in the week. I tend to over stride in the chariot and my left leg is a little bit sore in the shins. I’m pretty sure it is just muscle strain but it sure is annoying. It doesn’t hurt or anything but I know it is aggrevated. When I had the stress fracture last year, it hurt when I was doing A’s. It actually doesn’t “hurt” at all and even today it feels 100x better when I rub my shins. I think I get a little paranoid every time my shin hurts now.

#3 Finally got the courage….

To say “hi” to Lanni Marchant! She was at the track yesterday running a track workout. Let me say that the track workout she was running was pretty tough! She was running 400’s after 400’s for quite some time. I timed her 400 at around 1:10. She also wouldn’t stop running when she finished a 400, just recovery jogged for a minute or so and went again to run another 400. But that is how you break records and run Olympic Qualifying times right? After she finished her workout, I went over to say hi. As I thought, she is super nice. We chatted a bit about some running stuff. The Ottawa Race Weekend 10K is going to be a pretty stacked race for Canadians. It is the Canadian 10K Championship, so it will feature lots of top Canadian Runners – but the Women runners right now are on fire. Right now, Lanni, Tasha Wodak and Krista Duchene are all going to be there plus several more (I think Rachel Hannah too – who won last year’s 10K Championship in Toronto). I’m not going to lie, part of me just wants to watch the race and not race it. I told Lanni that by the time she is coming back on Colonel By close to Pretoria Bridge, I’m probably just going to be just getting on to Queen Elizabeth 😉

#4 Photos App

I hate, hate, hate, the new Photos App on my Mac. I was a solid Aperture user and really disappointed that they are not continuing with that program. Photos looks like a cheap app that can’t do what Aperture used to do with photos. I do use Photoshop at school for my Comm Tech class, and will pretty much be using PS from now on. It doesn’t have the best library feature but for editing photos, it far surpasses ‘Photos’. Photos has also crashed my Chrome browser a couple of times. Get it together, Apple!

#5 Sporting Life 10K

Race weekend! Tonight I am helping hand out race kits at Sporting Life in the evening – so if you are there, come say hi! The 10K is on Sunday and the weather forecast has changed several times. Right now it is calling for 30C and chance of showers. I’m assuming it is going to be humid. I have NOT run in humidity since my 29K run back in October. Needless to say, I am not prepared for humidity and really hope that there isn’t any in the morning. The race is at 8am so it shouldn’t be too hot, but still I’m a bit worried. In terms of goals – I think we all know that I’m hoping for a sub-55, which is my A goal. I’m thinking that it will be pretty possible that I can at least run a sub 58, and for sure run a sub-60 unless that humidity monster appears. I will be happy with anything under 60 minutes. Regardless, it is time to smash that old 1:08 PB on my PB list!

#6 What?

You don’t carry relay batons in your bag at all times?


Yay Track Season!

Ok – Time for me to head to school and finish up my LAST track entries spreadsheet for the season. We are heading into competition mode for the next month, heading hopefully to OFSAA in Toronto in June. Should be a busy month!

Have a great Friday + Weekend!

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  1. Marsden

    Kick butt this weekend. Hope the humidity stays far, far away!
    Marsden recently posted…Lessons Learned from the Spring Racing SeasonMy Profile

  2. Nicole

    I need to add another pair of shoes to my rotation. I had the Mizuno Elixors but they got of them. I also need a pair of cross trainers. For someone who likes to buy shoes I have a hard time buying running shoes but I think it’s the hefty price tag!

    Ugh I hate the Photos apps too. It’s completely messed up all my pictures. I need to get hubby to fix it all since it’s driving me crazy!

    Good luck this weekend!!! You are going to sub 60 no problem!!!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Running shoes are so expensive 🙁 any running shoe company can feel free to send me shoes any time

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I’m dreading the day I have to buy new running shoes, mainly because it’s going to take up my clothing budget for the whole year haha. (That tells you both how expensive shoes are and how small by budget is) 😛


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