Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Ottawa Race Weekend Edition


Although this will be a long one – Track, more track, maybe some running and maybe popping by the race expo after track (not sure how many of my group will show – since we competed). I’m already tired and Race Weekend is just arriving. This week’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday (linking with Amanda at Running with Spoons) will be all about Race Weekend!

#1 Old Posts

I’ve been participating in Race Weekend since 2010. I have written a few posts about the weekend in year’s past. Check them out:

Tips – a few suggestions about TORW

Notes about the routes – 5K, 10K and Half Marathon

Spectating at the Race Weekend – I Spectated the 10K last year!

Another Three Things Post about TORW


#2 Goals

I really have no goals other than to have fun! It would be nice to PB the 5K, since the route is flat and fast, but I haven’t been doing speed work lately. I am going to try, but if anything starts hurting, I will stop. The 10K is pure for fun and I have zero goals. I might even discard the Garmin and run naked – shocking! But you know me, I will probably keep my security blanket-watch and try to run a good race anyways. Who knows, one year (2013), I switched to the 5K at the very last minute because of a quad strain and ended up PBing the 5K anyways. I think I am the lone staff member running with students from my school, and those kids make me run fast. There are a number of staff running the 10K.

#3 Water Station

I am running a water station on the Marathon route for Sunday with 50 kids. It should be a good time!  It is looking like a warm/sunny day – so we will probably use lots of water! But, the difference between last year’s race and this year’s is that I am hoping runners have had a chance to run in hot conditions and will be more used to it. Regardless, 20+ degrees and sunny will mean runners will want their water. If you are running the marathon – please let me know! We are on the Gatineau side, just past the halfway point. I’m probably going to be wearing bright orange!

#4 Traffic and getting to the race

One new tip for this year is traffic. There is lots of construction happening on the main road heading into the downtown core from the 417. Be warned that it may be difficult to get to the parking areas because of back-ups. There is no turning left onto Laurier, which tends to back up the roads (that scenic canal means limited ways into downtown). The best bet is to take public transit or get their early! Prime parking will be gone very quickly. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to get downtown. P was supposed to do some fundraising stuff, but doesn’t now so I no longer have to drop off Max to him at 2pm-ish. Since I will be downtown from 3pm-8ish (Go running two races!), it doesn’t make sense to trek everyone downtown so I might as well take the bus. I’m figuring that if they want to see me – they stick to the same spot as last year and just avoid downtown. Then, they could swing around and pick me up at Ottawa U after (or I will just take the bus back).


#5 The Elite Canadian Women

Finally – the last topic of TOLT – The Elite Women running in the Canadian 10K Championship!

The Ottawa Race Weekend 10K is extra special this year because it is also the Canadian 10K Championship which means many top Canadian runners are running in the race. As I’ve mentioned several times: the field is pretty good this year. Actually, not “pretty good” but pretty amazing. We have Lanni Marchant, Natasha Wodak, Krista Duchene, Rachel Hannah and Rachel Cliff all running in the 10K. They will be pushed by the non-Canadians, including Lineth Chepkurui who has a PB of 30:45. From what I’ve read/heard, the women will be running to try and beat the course record which is 31:21. There is also an extra special bonus for the women. The women start approximately 4 minutes before the start of the men/all the other waves. They get a bit of a head start – and if a woman beats a man to the finish line, she gets a bonus! The race organizers have managed to recruit a number of athletes whose PB’s are quicker than the course record – therefore it should be an exciting race to watch. The Canadian women are not going down without a fight though – Lanni just ran a sub-32 during the Toronto Yonge Street 10K and Natasha broke the 10,000m Canadian record a few weeks ago in California. Krista Duchene has been fairly quiet since achieving the tough Olympic marathon standard in Rotterdam. The Rachel’s? They are right next to everyone else.

For the Canadian race – we all know I am cheering for Lanni – but I’m also cheering for the rest of the Canadian talent as well. It is going to be a great race and if you can watch it, do so! It will be televised on Ottawa Roger’s channels. My prediction is Lanni-Tasha-Rachel Hannah. Will I be right 😉


Have a great Thursday! 

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  1. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I’ve always wanted to work at a water station! Don’t ask me why… but it looks like a lot of fun haha. Enjoy the weekend!!


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