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Tuesday – the start of the shortest but longest work week for me. Say what?  It is a big track week for me as it is the start of the OFSAA qualifying rounds which consist of three 2-3 day meets. Meaning, I’m out of the school quite a bit this week. I’m only at work today and Friday. I’m also gearing up for The Ottawa Race Weekend – I have to pick up my race kits (although I think my 5K is being delivered to the school – I signed up with the school team) and finalize volunteering lists. I have a full bus going to the water station and I still need to buy snacks/goodies for the kids. I also probably have to coach on Thursday night too. Luckily, all this busy business fits in nicely with gearing up to run the 5K and 10K races this Saturday. I don’t really have to run much, and most likely will only make it out 1-2 times before race day.

Probably a good thing because I ticked off my legs last week. A combination of running 10K with Max in the Chariot, needing to change shoes and not taking enough time off a tough 10K = shin splints. Nothing too bad, but enough for me to notice. Anything that happens on my shins causes me to panic a bit and just stop running all together as last year, at about this time, I developed a stress fracture. Now there is absolutely nothing I’ve done that would cause a stress fracture – no runs longer than 10K, I’ve only broken the 10% rule once, and my leg whipping is fairly under control. Every time I need to change my shoes this happens: I get shin pain, think I’m getting another stress fracture and then it just goes away after resting for a few days. Even as I type this, I’m rubbing my shin and there isn’t a specific point that hurts – but the muscles all around my lower legs are tight. I haven’t replaced my Wave Inspires since before the marathon (when exactly the same thing happened), which was 6 months ago, so it is definitely time for a new pair.

Also – with yesterday’s marathon news – I guess I should go and book lots of appointments with my RMT. I believe that getting through marathon training injury-free last year was because I was seeing my RMT regularly. I really wish I could get an appointment this week, but he is booked up 🙁  Also – if anyone wants to buy me presents: Massage Therapy gift cards! YAY!

Last Week’s training included:

5K in under 30 minutes on Tuesday

5x the big hill at Mooney’s Bay on Thursday

4K run on Friday 

Nothing too big, but after Tuesday’s run, my legs felt achy. By Friday, my legs felt very tight while running which meant shut it down and stop. No pain or anything even close to what my leg felt like last year – but the calves getting tight is a big sign that something is up. So – I took the weekend off from running. I might try some easy laps/an easy run tomorrow and see how things feel. I plan on doing some running on Thursday evening, and then calling it a day. I have 15K to run on Saturday, so I don’t have many KM’s to run anyways, as I don’t want to go beyond 20KM this week.

Because marathon training will be here soon – I need to run smart. I still plan on going hard for the 5K, but the 10K will be done at a much slower pace. Goal is to try around 60 minutes. I’m also changing my plans for the Nike Women’s 15K. I am still running the race, but it will be a long run, not a race. The 15K race will be smack in the beginning of my training cycle, so running it hard would not be smart for me. I still look forward to running in the race though!

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  1. Nicole

    Busy busy!! Hope you have a great week! Rest those legs and go shoe shopping!

    I somehow have to figure out how I’m going to find the time to pick up my race package for this weekend. It’s downtown and I really don’t want to drag the kids down but I might not have an option.

  2. Lily Lau

    Have a wonderful week, cause that marathon will demand the best of you! 🙂
    Lily Lau recently posted…The Most Frustratingly Useless Objects Created By ArtistMy Profile

  3. Brittany

    Whooohoooo marathonnnnn training!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)



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