Training Report 04/27-15 – 05/03/15

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A much more solid week this week in terms of training – although getting that long run in was rather tricky!



April 27th – May 3, 2015


April 27th – 5K run

I had a lighter week at work this week and was able to make it out running after school. I ran 5K in 28:30 – a steady run. It was nice and warm out! Sweet! My legs felt somewhat tired from the day before (Manotick 5 miler) but I tried to keep my pace just slightly below my 10K race pace.


April 28th – Gym Workout in the late morning

Another light day at work which meant I went to the gym during my large gap in the day. I only get paid for teaching half the day, but on some days I teach first and last period – so I do leave the school and do not feel guilty about it at all (especially when track days are over 8+ hours and I’m only paid for half the day). I avoided the treadmill since I ran the day before and warmed up with 5 minutes on the bike instead. I followed that with squats, rows, and tricep pulls.

April 29th – DOUBLE workout. 7K run in the morning and back at the gym in the PM

I went into work about 40 minutes before school was supposed to start and noticed that I had nothing on the board, so back out I went. I ran 7K on the path. It was a great run. I didn’t go super far because I was one of the only people on the path and that made me a little nervous. There was also this plane doing these weird low altitude circles at the airport across the river in Gatineau. It provided some entertainment. Also, apparently a T-Rex was chasing me:



After school, I picked up Max and we went to the gym for our usual Wednesday gym night. Max played with a bunch of kids and I lifted weights. No cardio this time, just a whole pile of arm weights.


April 30th – Off

A busier day with lots of track stuff to do (back to back practices) and I taught a full day for once. I said goodbye to the dome!


May 1st – Off, unless you count hurdle duty

Big day as it was our first outdoor meet. I had big plans to run the giant hill by the track, but before I knew it – it was almost 4pm and I had to run to pick up Max. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive back to Orleans that afternoon. Not impressed! I then had to pick up Max, pick up our friend and head back into town to drop her off at the airport. By the time I got home, it was 6:30pm. Max and I elected to go to Boston Pizza and stuff our faces full off pizza and noodles instead. I did have hurdle duty and that involved lifting lots of hurdles. Actually I did not *have* hurdle duty – I jumped in when I saw only two volunteers working the hurdles. The Ottawa track’s hurdles had been in storage all winter and they were brutal to adjust. My thumbs still hurt….

May 2nd – Goodlife

I was about to max out on KM for the week, and knew I wanted to run a long run on Sunday, so I just ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill – 1 mile before weights, .5 after. The gym was so hot! I was a sweaty mess. For weights, I did lots of arms, including the usual plus bicep curls and press/twists and the leg press. I would fully regret all those weights come Sunday morning.

May 3rd – 10K long run with a 35lb Max-weight in the chariot.

Yup – you read that right. A chariot long run. I haven’t done one of those in forever. I really don’t like running long runs with Max in the chariot stroller. Using the stroller messes around with my form a bit and well – Max is over 35 pounds. That isn’t easy! I wasn’t supposed to run with Max, but P had to run to school early and I was stuck. I had a choice – run 5K or so on my own before P was to leave, or run 10K with Max. I chose the chariot this time. I decided not to run with my garmin on because I knew it would frustrate me if the time was what I was used to. I also wanted to run solely on how I felt as to not push the pace when I cannot use my arms/tend to over stride a tad. I did take note of the time when we left and I have a pretty solid landmark at the 5K turn around point – a pair of trees that make a little gate on the path. The first 3K of the run were pretty awful. I’m pretty sure I swore 30 times. As soon as I ended up on the flatter part of the path, I picked up the pace. I took walking breaks every so often – not because of cardio reasons but to give my arms a break. They were sore from my weights workout. Lots of people on the path this time, including one of my co-workers. I’m not sure of my overall pacing, but I think I was running sub-6:00’s at some points. I ended up finishing around 68 minutes later – which is my race 10K PB. Wowzers! I’m sure I will be looking at a pretty big PB next week and I can finally erase the 1:08 from my PB board. This run was definitely more of a mental workout more than anything.  I kept saying 1 more KM several times as I wanted to quit at the 2.5K mark. It was probably a good thing that I had a tougher run (although slower) because I’m pretty sure at the 8K mark next weekend, I will be starting the “I can’ts” again.




A much more solid week of training. This will probably be what I run every week from now until the Nike Women’s 15K next month. I will be increasing my long run distance each week to 16K or so for that run – but nothing more than that. I’m trying to not go all mileage crazy before June as we all know that half (or maybe full) marathon training will start at the end of June and that is just lots of KM. Basically, the next few weeks are all about building that solid base for longer distance training. I will also be getting some speed work in for that TORW 5K that is fast approaching. I am really liking the warmer weather. This week was all about the shorts and tank tops again. Funny enough, wasn’t it just last week that I was still wearing tights and sweaters? Bring on the summer!!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Nicole

    Look at all those workouts! Great job! You are going to knock that 10k out of the park! I’m excited to see what you can do sans chariot!

  2. Jessica

    What a solid training week! It is so great to get out there now that the weather is nice.
    Jessica recently posted…Goals for May 2015My Profile


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