Friday Five

FRIDAY! Although really since it is summer vacation and I’m working from home. Almost every day feels like Friday – minus the marking 100+ papers. No marking this weekend!

Something different this Friday – Friday 5’s!


5 Things I’m Loving

1. This MEC bag!

My main traveling bag is this old, cheap promotional bag I got in my 3rd year at McMaster. I was looking for something a bit smaller and a bit more stylish. I was in MEC a few weeks ago and picked up this bag. It isn’t too big but fits as much as I need. I did manage to pack both Max and my stuff in this bag for our trip to Toronto. It has tons of pockets and I really like the colour.


2. The Team Canada gear at The Bay

I almost always buy Team Canada gear at The Bay for the Olympics. I have something from every Olympics since 2000. Because Pan Am’s is in Toronto, there is a bit more hype for the Team Canada gear for this event. They had a 20% off sale and I may have purchased a few items. I really love the Black and Gold shirt!


3. The 1996 4x100m Relay Team Torch Hand off at the Opening Ceremonies

I was sporadically watching the Pan Am Opening Ceremonies on Friday night at my parents. I came downstairs to see Glenroy Gilbert (aka one of the coaches at my track club) handing off a baton to Bruny Surin who they goes and RUNS AROUND THE EDGEWALK CN TOWER!! Who then gives it to Donovan Bailey who then JUMPS OFF THE CN TOWER! WHAT?!?! It was terrific! Donovan Bailey did not actually do the base jumping – but Bruny Surin did run around the edge walk. Apparently he did it at least 12 times and he was previously afraid of heights. I didn’t even like the elevator ride up the CN Tower – can you imagine running around outside it?! If you haven’t seen it – you can watch it here. It was a really cool segment. I see big things happening for our relay teams in the next year – and Glenroy is the Team Canada relay coach for the Men’s 4×100 team. Cool!

4. David’s Tea Pitcher Packs

I think most of you know I’m a big fan of David’s Tea. We stopped by the Square One location for some iced team and colouring (they had free iced tea for the kids this past weekend). I noticed they had these pouches of tea ready to be made into iced tea. I have a really big strainer from my David’s Tea Mason Jar and another big teapot, so it making a giant pot of tea wasn’t a problem. You can purchase a David’s Tea Perfect Iced Tea Pitcher if needed. I made the Guava Cadabra already and with a little bit of sugar, it was delicious!


5. The Weather from the past few days

We had a couple of days early in the week that were over 30C and with high humidity. It was awful – especially for running. My 4K on Tuesday at 9am was sweaty and just plain uncomfortable. After a small cold front went through that evening – the humidity broke and the temperatures dropped. Suddenly it was nice again! It was 22C on Wednesday and that was perfect. Warm enough to wear shorts/capris – but cool enough that you could wear whatever you wanted without dripping in sweat. Apparently it is going back up to 30C this weekend 🙁

5 Things that are Annoying


1. Drivers who randomly brake for no reason. What are you doing? I also love the people who slow down to stop – yet don’t signal. Actually people who don’t signal in general

2. The Photos program on Macs – seriously: worst.program.ever – The editing is stupid, the folder organization is stupid and really it is just a stupid program. It in no way replaces Aperture (which is gone).

3. Marking. It is 80% of my online teaching job but it does get tedious. Yesterday I read over 120 assignments. No, I didn’t procrastinate – that was all from one day.

4. Black Flies – yesterday during my run I was dive bombed by so many black flies. It only happened on the river path that I use. I planned on running my 4K route through the wooded area but after being bitten a couple of times, I just stuck with the streets instead. They were following me and everything. I even slapped myself when trying to get rid of one.

5. Ottawa Construction – They say there are two seasons in Ottawa: Winter and Construction. The construction this year is pretty heavy in Ottawa. Trim Road has been under construction for I think two years now? Some days it isn’t bad, while some it takes 15 minutes to move 1KM. Also, because of the LRT going in, the highway (we really only have one that cuts through the city) has been awful. Most of it is done now but the other day I was coming back from Costco and realized I could not go onto the 174 anymore from the 417 on the Innes side. I had to take a little detour.

Five FAQs

1. Where is Max going to school in the fall?

He isn’t going to school. He is moving to a centre daycare – his last day at his home daycare was yesterday. He will only be at the centre daycare from September until July and then next year he will go to Senior Kindergarten. There are too many factors that made us decide to stick with daycare (but a more structured one with older kids) for another year – much of which has to due with the ongoing labour dispute.

2. Are you going to any Pan Am Games events?

Yes – I am going to the PM session on the 23rd to see Lanni and Tasha run the 10,000m and then waking up really early to watch the AM session on the 24th!

3. Your hair looks nice today! What did you do to it?

I brushed it.

4. What are you teaching in the fall?

No idea and most likely will not know until the Thursday before Labour Day Weekend. It makes course planning FUN! I’m also not guaranteed work, so I might not go back at all. The only position I am pretty much guaranteed is my summer school job.

5. Are you going on any cool trips this summer?

Yes – there will be the usual trip to Bon Echo and there will be a trip to California. However, I never really say when I’m going and odds are you won’t figure it out until I’m heading back home. Bon Echo is a bit harder to hide because I do disappear from the internets (no signal in the campground). Anyone have suggestions on where to eat at Disneyland – other than Dole Whip??


5 Searches that have led people to my blog


1. Baby Food for runner

Yum? Actually when I used to sprint back in the day – I would totally eat baby food so I wouldn’t throw up…..

2. Giveaway Butter

I like butter – but I don’t run giveaways for butter. Is that a thing?

3. water station

Ok – lots of hits for this one? Why?

4. Is Vega Pre-energizer workout drink bad if trying to have baby?

LOL. Too many funnies with this one

5. Heels suck Tumblr

Yes – heels do suck. No idea how people wear them all day long without hurting.

Most of my google searches are related to running. Lots of searches for Army Run, Ottawa Run Weekend and the Nike 15K.


That is it – time for some marking! Have a great Friday and a Great Weekend!

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  1. Brittany

    Love that MEC BAG!

  2. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

    I love the black and gold shirt too! Unfortunately I’ve never been to Disneyland, but if you ever need any Disney World tips, I’m your girl!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…A Low Key WeekendMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I’ve been to Disney World so many times – eventually would like to go back. My husband has never been there and doesn’t get what all the excitement is about. DisneyLand is fun and all – but doesn’t have the same experience as DW! He was looking at a map of it and was all “it is HOW BIG” lol

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Ah, I love MEC! The bag looks awesome. I’m glad I live somewhere that’s much closer to a MEC store than Newfoundland is.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Tour of the ApartmentMy Profile


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