STWM Training Week 4: Back at it

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy, but the kind of busy that is fun at the same time. Back to work today though and it should be a hot day. Currently I’m outside on my front patio typing this post – but I’m sure I will be down in the basement where it is nice and cool by noon.

STWM Training Week 4

Monday – GoodLife Workout

I started my workout with 25 minutes on the bike: alternating between 5 minutes easy and 5 minutes hard. Unlike running where I rarely run with music – I had Metallica blasting the entire time. It makes the 25 minutes go a lot faster. One of my teacher friends was at the gym and told me to next time go to a spin class. Maybe I will be brave and do one of those classes these days.

I followed up with an arm workout: presses, rows and tricep pulls. I’ve started to increase the weights again. I’m getting muscles 😉

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 3K in 20:30

Hey! I ran! It felt good too! Hooray! I am deliberately taking it slow and using my flat route. I’m basically doing 5 minutes of running with 30 seconds walking.I had no tightness and nothing hurt after.

Thursday – GoodLife

I went back to the gym. I ran .5 of a mile on the treadmill to warm up and then went to BodyFlow. I really like BodyFlow – it is a cross between Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates. I noticed that the leg workout part didn’t burn as much as it did last time. However, my balance was way off. Need to work on that!

Friday – 3K in 20:00

It was really hot when I went out running and therefore the run didn’t feel as good as Tuesdays. Nothing hurt in my leg, I just felt really tired and sluggish. Humidity really bothers me and I slow down quite a bit when it is hot outside. I was going to do more, but the idea right now is not to push it and re-injury the leg.

Saturday – Nothing

Sunday – STWM Tune up Run #2 – 12K

I will post more about the Tune up Run tomorrow – but I ran a total of 12K. I ran 2K before the race started in 13:30 and then barely had enough time to hit the bathroom before I started off the 10K race. I originally was supposed to run the 20K run, but backed out last week. It was probably a good idea. I ran the 10K in just under 65 minutes – 90% of the run was at my really easy, peasy “I can have a total conversation” pace. I do have to say that it surprised me a bit that it felt that easy. Last year I would have been struggling a bit. I ran the last KM at my 10K race pace just for fun. My left calf definitely made its presence known, but it did not do the whole super tightness thing that it did during TORW. More on this run tomorrow!



Back at it! I only ran 19K this week. A bit on the lower side – but I did have a cycling day instead of a running day. I think for the next few weeks, I am going to have to sub one of my steady runs for a bike day. The name of the game right now is to not aggravate the leg anymore: keep RICEing, rolling and making sure I do not wear high heels anymore. My plan for the marathon is to finish and finish well. As long as I don’t have bathroom issues, I should be able to PB without any issues. It is the half marathon in September that might be a bit harder to PB in. I’m feeling quite a bit better now about the leg – so for now, STWM is still on!

I am really liking the Brooks Ravenna’s. I’ve looked at the wear pattern and it seems like the shoes help me not over stride/heel strike as much. In my Wave Inspires, you can see how much the heel is worn down. My Ravennas are more worn in the middle and the “Run Happy” on the heel is still clearly shown.

This week will be a bit more interesting – I have some time crunch issues and will probably have to run my long run on Thursday. But – hopefully everything goes well!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Heather @ GirlGoesRunning

    I’ve had to shuffle my long runs around before too. Usually it makes me a bit anxious to go off schedule a bit, but then I’m always real happy when the run is done. 🙂

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      My schedule is so unpredictable some weeks that my long run gets down when it can. Usually I see an open opportunity of a couple of hours and go for it. I try and avoid long runs on the weekends so it doesn’t disrupt everyone elses weekend.


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