STWM Training Week 5

It is Monday! Although this Monday is going to be a long one because it is my hardest and longest day of marking. Plus, Max is with me today so actually sitting down and getting this work done should be interesting.

STWM Training Week 5


Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 4K in 25:30

It was a really hot day and by 9am it was already sticky and humid out. I took walking breaks as needed and just took my time. I ran the first 2K on the shaded path. Going back to my house was very sunny and hot. The city of Ottawa has cut down many trees in my area due to an infestation, so shade is now limited. It was a good run regardless with zero leg issues.

Wednesday – GoodLife

I went to the gym and did my usual routine: 25 minutes on the bike listening to Metallica, followed by some strength work. This day’s strength was just rows and pull downs as I saw a friend and chatted instead. The gym was filed with people I knew. At home I did 20 push ups, 20 glute bridges and 2x30sec planks.

Thursday – 14K long run in 1:35

I ran my long run on Thursday as it was the last day I had daycare. I ran the first 10K on the Ottawa River Path. It was a nice run until the black flies started chasing and biting me. It was really annoying! I even accidentally slapped myself trying to get rid of one. At 10K, I was back home and went inside to go to the bathroom and eat a gel. I went back out quickly to finish the last 4K on the flat route with lots of sun, but no flies. I had some leg niggles but nothing too serious. However, the leg still felt off. But nothing that changed my stride or felt painful.

Friday – Off

My leg did start feeling off. I was at the park with Max and we were throwing a ball around, and every time I twisted my left leg during a throw, I could feel that little niggly pain appear.

Saturday – 5K on the Treadmill in 40:00

The weather was gross this weekend, and P is away: so Max and I went to GoodLife. My leg started to stiff up again, so I put my inserts into my treadmill shoes and went for a very slow 5K run. I walked for 2 minutes before and was on speed 4.5 for the entire run (I’m usually sitting at 6.5). My leg felt ok while running. Again, a few niggly pains and that was it. No sharp pains, nothing that changed my strides. After my 5K, I did some weights: tricep pulls, squats and twist and presses.

After though – same issue. Stiffness and niggle pain throughout the day. So that meant more RICEing and rolling and a few decisions to make.

Sunday – Rest


I think I am done. This stupid leg issue keeps coming back and issues with the calf muscles can be tough to fix if you keep going. It is either my Soleus or Tibilalis Posterior with my thinking that it is more the tib-pos than anything. Reading a few articles about it (yes, I know Dr. Google) shows that doing my little “twisting thing” with my leg is what can cause a strain of the tib-pos. What is one of the causes: tight hips and calves, which I know is one of my problems. If not taken care of, it could lead to a whole host of issues. It doesn’t hurt that much – nothing that has stopped me from running or anything like that since Ottawa Race Weekend. I don’t exactly trust my pain threshold as remember last year I totally ran a half marathon on a stress fracture (hop test my butt).

So – I decided yesterday that I’m done for the next month.

This is just getting silly. This has been an ongoing issue since late May and I haven’t taken more than I would say one week off without doing some form of physical activity. Even the weeks after TORW, I was in Toronto walking around the whole city. Now, the leg issue I had then was worse. I still have yet to have that really tight feeling happen like what it did during TORW, and all issues with my shins have disappeared. That doesn’t mean that I’m 100% and that is why I need to cool things down and really rest for an extended period of time to nip this in the bud. I also plan on seeing my doctor once I get back from my assorted trips – actually I might see her next week but imaging will have to wait until I get back, mostly due to Max.

So what does this mean for my races? Well – the first one to change is Army Run. I am in the process of switching bibs with another runner to be in the 5K instead. If I take 4 weeks off, there just isn’t enough time to properly train for Army Run. However, I plan on rocking that 5K. STWM? Not sure on that one. Odds are, I’m going to have to switch to the half-marathon. Normally, I wouldn’t hesitate on that at all and just switch (like I just did for Army Run), but it is the whole Digital Champion thing that makes things complicated. I haven’t talked to them about it yet – and perhaps I should. Taking 4 weeks off means I have 8 weeks to go for STWM – totally workable for a half marathon. Especially since I rarely go above 20K in a half training cycle. However, regardless I’m a bit disappointed. This injury sucks! In the meantime, I shall rest up, continue going to PT and eventually strengthen this silly little muscle.

Time to get marking – have a great Monday!


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  1. Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner

    I hope you don”t have to pull out of the full, I know you were looking forward to trying another. What does your physio think about doing the marathon?
    Kristi@Blog for an Average Runner recently posted…Broken Bones, Trail Running and MEC Race RecapMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I’m pretty sure she might say no marathon after this week. I’m supposed to do a gradual build/have down weeks (like most plans) – but my training cycle might be too short at 8 weeks to not damage things again.

      I’m definitely making progress with my flexibility and what is going on with the leg (which is why the shin splints are gone) but I think I still need some more PT work. I just can’t get in until August now 🙁 That and I’m paying cash for it….

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I’m sorry that you have to take a month off, but I would definitely agree that it’s the right thing to do. These things just need rest! Best of luck.
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Tour of the ApartmentMy Profile


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