Thinking Out Loud Thursday #48

It is a Thursday that feels like a Monday. Yesterday was Canada Day – which meant everyone had the day off. But, almost everyone has to work today (me included), so it felt different. I feel so confused!

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#1 Restart and one more week 

As a STWM Digital Champion – I am supposed to try and come out to at least one “Tune up Run” during the training cycle. The one I chose to go to is next weekend, the Beaches Jazz Tune up Run. Originally I signed up for the 20K, but yesterday made the decision to just run the 10K instead and “re-start” marathon training next week. My left leg is still a bit wonky. The leg feels tight and generally achy. The other day, I felt some small amounts of pain when running too. Nothing too painful – but enough to notice. I have been RICEing again and also did some focused rolling with a rolling pin rather than a foam roller yesterday. That seemed to actually do something and broke up a lot of the tension. I’m probably going to not run until next week to try and get my leg back to normal. If I feel any more tension/pain/whatever after the Beaches Tune Up Run – I’m going to call it a day and make the decision to stop for the entire month of July, which might mean no more marathon. I can easily take a whole month off and still train for the half at STWM. I’m not entirely happy about it – but it is just a marathon, and really – do I want to do something that will really mess up my leg? Not really.

#2 Online Summer School

My online class started today. Same deal as last year – I work online and never see the students. I do have to head downtown very shortly to be present for “help sessions” if students need help. My bet is no one is actually going to be there. Teaching online is interesting. Most of it is answering questions and marking. It is a significant amount of online reading and typing – but I would rather do this than be stuck in a school staring at the window all day wishing I was outside. If I want to work outside, I can!

#3 Movies!

P and I went to see the newest Avengers Movie the other day. Avengers has been out for awhile now – but this was the first opportunity we had to go see it. We saw the movie at the “cheap theatre” which is also the closest movie theatre to us. It costs only $5 on Tuesdays ($6 on other days) and a large popcorn combo only costs $10 – so for $20 you can go see a film! They don’t have stadium seats like the newer theatres – but whatever.They have the most recently released films a few weeks after a film opens. I have no idea how this theatre stays in business because there is rarely more than 10 people in the audience. Avengers was pretty good – not as good as the first movie though. I also felt like Robert Downey Jr. did not have the same funny one-liners that he usually does. But it was entertaining!

#4 Max and Fireworks

So Max saw fireworks for the first time (since he was an unaware baby) last night – his reaction? Fist pumping and screams of “ohhhhh yeaaaaah, awesome!”. Then we struggled to get him to go to bed. He was up until 10pm last night wanting to watch every single ‘boom’ he heard. I promised him that maybe we will go downtown to watch the fireworks in Gatineau in August. Or – if we stay late enough – the fireworks at Disneyland when we go in a few weeks.

Alrighty – it is time for me to catch the bus downtown. The bus routes have all changed – let’s see how fun this adventure will be!


#TBT picture – last summer in Windsor!



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  1. Angie @ LoveTheRunning

    Well in a way it’s like the best kind of Monday where Friday comes next!! I agree, I thought Avengers was good but not great.
    Angie @ LoveTheRunning recently posted…Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. Lisa @ Lulu's Big Adventure

    I felt the same way about the Avengers!
    Lisa @ Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Highlights from ChileMy Profile


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