Thinking Out Loud Thursday #49

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Linking with Amanda at Running with Spoons.

#1 How many assignments in my mailbox?

I’m currently teaching an online summer school course. It is the same deal as last year: teaching Careers and Civics (mandatory classes here in Ontario). The course is already designed for me, so I’m just answering emails and marking assignments. Sounds super easy, but the kids have tons of questions and I have 26 students that have to write 2-4 assignments a day. Apparently yesterday was a 4 assignment day, which means I have just over 100 papers to assess/evaluate. I am only paid for 5 hours of work a day, but I can tell you I will be working more than that today! I’m already 30 minutes in and that is just attendance and the daily news report. BUT – I can work whenever I want, making it possible to run and go to GoodLife during the day.

#2 I ran yesterday!

I have a great 3K run yesterday afternoon. No niggly pain at all. Hopefully it stays that way. I have been doing a few things: icing about 4-6 times a day, wearing my compression socks and stretching/rolling. All of that seems to be helping. I noted in my training report that I started rolling a bit differently and the first time I rolled with a rolling pin – so much tension just melted away. I also have not been wearing flats/heels which is another part of the problem. I never wear heels – and at the end of the school year, I wear heels to all the end of the year events. Bad idea for someone with a soleus injury. That is probably what set things off. I’m also only wearing my Brooks Ravennas right now. Just feeling the arch support difference between the Mizunos and the Brooks shoes is also probably what cause the whole flare up again. The Mizuno Wave Inspire, although supportive and very light – has almost nothing on the arch. The Ravenna’s has a nice supportive piece that helps me keep that arch up. I’m thinking that I solve one of my “bad running form” problems (say, the glutes) and then a nothing one pops up that needs work (flat feet).



#3 Pan Am Games!

Toronto is hosting the Pan Am Games this summer. Honestly, they are no Olympics and I never really cared for them before. I really only started getting *really* interested in all things track and field in 2010, so I did not pay attention to the 2011 Pan Am games at all. But – it should be fun. Not only does the Pan Am Games feature athletics, but also all the other main sports: swimming, archery, baseball, you name it. My parents are going to a few of the baseball games and you can bet I’m going to some of the track events. My Mom and I are going to the evening portion of the July 23rd track events because, well – you can guess who is running that night: Lanni and Tasha! I’m also going to be able to watch the 400 finals and the 200m semis. The decathlon 1500m is also up that night which should be good fun (one of the Canadians trains at the club and he is NOT a middle distance runner). After getting home at whatever hour (we are taking public transit), I will wake up early and head back to the track early the next day. I’m going to watch the hepathlon hurdles (Jesssica Zelinka!) and the 110m hurdles (another club athlete who just ran an Olympic qualifying time this past weekend!). Tickets are rather expensive (about $70 a pop), so I’m only going for two events. The rest I will watch from the TV. There may not be tons of top athletes at this event. Each country can only bring (I think) 2 athletes per event and some of the big names, like Usain Bolt, are choosing to skip Pan Am for the World Championships that are being held a few weeks later.


(Can you believe this is from 2 years ago – look at lil Max!)

#4 STWM Tune Up Run #2

I am going to Toronto this weekend to run the STWM Tune up Run #2 – the Beaches Jazz Run! Will I see you there? There are three options: 20K, 10K, and 5K. Most of the STWM Digital Champion team is running the 20K, but a few of us are running the 10K. I will be down very early to meet everyone. The 20K gets going a bit earlier than the 10K, so my plan is to run my extra KM’s (about 4 or so) once the 20K gets going. I had to change from the 20K to the 10K because of the leg, but I think I should be able to manage a 14K run. I will be running SLOWLY though and running 10/1’s. I hope to see some of you there!

Ok – this is a short one for today. Gotta get going! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Marsden

    Hooray for a painless run! Hope the 14k goes well!

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Yay for pain free runs! I had all sorts of feet/leg issues when I first started running because I was in the wrong shoes, and it’s amazing how big of a difference the right kind of shoe can make. It’s just kind of too bad that it can be such a pain in the butt to find them…

  3. Brittany

    That teaching stuff sounds like a lot of work! I always have more questions with online classes too, so that would be me e-mailing you all the time. 😉

  4. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Have fun in Toronto this weekend! The Beaches will be a beautiful run, I’m sure.


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