Thinking Out Loud Thursday #50

Wow – 50 of these Thinking Out Loud Thursdays. Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons!


#1 Apple Music

If you have an iPhone/iPad you may have updated your phone to the newest iOS. With this update comes the new Apple Music. Everything has changed somewhat in how you listen to music on your iPhone. The idea is that on top of the music you have purchased and own – you can now pay about $10 a month to access over 30 million songs. Just think of it as the Netflix of Music. You do not own the songs and although you can download the songs for “offline” listening, they are deleted if you cancel your service. You may have heard about this new service in the news as Taylor Swift was not happy (and rightfully so) that Apple was not going to pay royalties to the artists for the 3 month trial period. That has since been changed – and I wonder how much this actually costs Apple to run.

Anyways – I started the free trial to see what it is like. I do like that I can search for any song and just listen to it without having to pay for each individual song download. Sometimes I hear a song I haven’t heard in awhile and don’t own and I just want to listen to it a few times. Also, I am being introduced to new music. Right now I’m listening to the “Running – Rock Songs” playlist and already found some new songs to add to my running music collection (when I actually run with music….).

What I’m not 100% sure of – is whether it will eat up my data when I’m not in a wifi zone – nevermind, I turned Music off in the 3G settings. There is a section in the Music app called “my music” where all your previous iTunes music (aka the music you own) is stored. You can save songs to my music and set the preference to music available only online. I think I just don’t trust the bugs yet. Speaking of bugs – my playlists have disappeared which apparently is a common problem. Even more complicated is that when you plug your phone into your computer, you cannot sync playlists anymore. Hopefully Apple fixes this. I also haven’t figured out how to just let a particular artist play without stopping after each album is finished. Or maybe I’m just not doing it right. I know Steve Jobs would hate how un-user friendly this new app is!

Also – one last thing. I only have a 16G iPhone and it is almost always full, or very close to full. Right now it says that I have 10G used and 1G left – so where did the other 5G go???

#2 Movie Time!

I have Max home a little earlier than normal today. Figured we would go see Inside Out today. I’m hoping this time he doesn’t go to the bathroom 20x and announce to the theatre that it is “time to poo!”.

#3 One more Week!

Until I get to see Lanni and Tasha run the 10,000m at the Pan Am Games. I’m a wee bit excited for it. I’m also excited to see all the other events on the Thursday night and Friday morning. It should be fun! That also means another trek to the Toronto area next week. I miss the DVD player in the Acadia Denali. Max made a little bit more noise last week when I was driving home – including screaming that he had to go pee. What he really was screaming about was he say the service station and he wanted a donut.

#4 Speaking of Donuts

Max has been naming dogs lately – we asked if he had a dog, what would he name it. He thought about it and announced “Puppy Porkchop!”. Yesterday at the park, he saw another doggy and yelled “look! It is Doggy Donut!!” and then tried to chase it…..

and no, we are not getting a dog any time soon.


Alrighty – movie time! YAAAAY


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  1. Hollie

    My pandora used to take up half my data plan so I completely understand that. That’s too funny about Max wanting to name him Doggy Donut. I love donuts so I wouldn’t complain about that. 😉
    Hollie recently posted…Brands on LOLZMy Profile

  2. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I’ve been curious about the new iTunes music plan. I might have to give it a try and see if I like it. Enjoy Inside Out. I’ve heard from several people it is really good. That is TOO funny that Max announced his “poo time” to the theater. I would have laughed and thought it was the cutest thing!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Week 31; Birthing Center Tour, Wedding Festivities, and Nursery Arts and CraftsMy Profile

  3. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    I haven’t updated my system yet but I’m definitely not going to now until they fix the playlist sync thing. I need my playlists!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…Tour of the ApartmentMy Profile


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