Training Changes

With a number of scheduling issues and my nagging calf issue, I’ve had to make a few changes to my training plan. As much as I would like to stick to my nicely laid out marathon training plan: it just isn’t going to happen right now. I’m hoping to get back to our regularly scheduled training in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, here is what I will be up to for at least the next week and a bit:

1) Pool Running

I’ve never tried pool running before, but it looks easy enough. From what I’ve heard from people who have tried, it is still a workout. I have access to a pool for a week or so, therefore it is easy enough to get pool running in. Also, since Max loves the water, he can join in. One of my major issues is I cannot run 10K with Max, nor can I really push him in the chariot anymore (where do you think this calf issue came from?). I’m pretty sure he will think pool running is funny.

2) Bike/Spin classes

Going to GoodLife Fitness is still very much part of my routine. One of the cardio machines I have been favouring lately is the stationary bike. I put some tunes on and bike for at least 35 minutes each time I’m on the bike. I’m also loving the air conditioned building! Crucial during these hot summer days.

3) Continuing with the Strength training

When I go to GoodLife, I also spend half my time continuing with strength training. Focusing on getting stronger has made me a better runner. I usually focus on upper body and core, but also like to mix in some leg weights at the same time. Usually when I go to the gym, it is 50% cardio time and 50% weights. An hour at the gym goes by so fast!

4) Short Run/Walks with Max

Max has a little push bike that he loves to ride. He can’t go super fast, but he can go fast enough for me to jog a bit alongside him. The other day, we biked my 3K route to get to a park. I “ran” 3K, but that included lots of walking and a good 20 minute break at 1.5K because we played in the park. I think he liked it and maybe when I can get regular runs in, we will do this often. Also helps me not go so fast!


5) Treadmill Running

In a couple of weeks, I think I am going to start running again: but on the treadmill. I can control my speed on the treadmill and not run too fast. I also never hit top speed on the treadmill because I feel as if I’m going to fall off. But, in all seriousness, I can set the treadmill speed to a pretty slow pace and not feel like I’m lagging so much. I have found it easier to go slower, which I think will be crucial for me for the next few weeks.

All in all, I think I will be able to continue my training if I just train a bit differently. Also, when I am able to go back into the marathon training swing of things: it won’t be so much of a shock to my system!

What do you do when you cannot run?

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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    So sorry to hear that an injury/pain is getting in the way of your training. It sounds like you’re taking the hit to your training in stride and doing everything you can to make sure it’s not really a hit in the long run! recently posted…BeginningsMy Profile


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