Disneyland in August!

Happy Friday!

I am back in Canada – and very thankful for the cool temperatures. It was 100F+ for our entire stay in California. No humidity, but still…hot! Yesterday’s plane ride was fairly uneventful. Our first flight from LAX to Toronto was a bit bumpy, but had some great views since it was fairly clear. Since I had zero bags/car seats to check, we made it through LAX in no time. Usually they suggest 2+ hours, I didn’t even leave the hotel until that point. I had already checked in, but needed to print of our boarding passes. Like last time, there was a fairly big line at the AC desks – but I noticed a bunch of kiosks free on the left hand side. I easily printed off our passes, and off to security we went. Even last time in March, people with boarding passes who just needed to drop off bags were lining up in the wrong line. At the end of the LAX flight, Max was invited to sit on the pilots seat and wear his hat. He thought that was cool! Remember when you could do that mid-flight?

The Toronto layover was 4+ hours long, but luckily, my parents came to have dinner with us to break up that time. The only thing: my duty free vodka had to go with my parents as I could not re-enter security with it 🙁 Max then played with a bunch of kids until it was time to board the plane. Then, the fun started. Max was very tired by that point and threw a massive fit. I was punched, kicked and scratched. He then decided to throw an even bigger fit when he saw the Pod-chairs in the Boeing 747 we were on, and didn’t understand why he couldn’t sit there. He then screamed bloody murder because he didn’t have milk. Thankfully, I was able to turn on the video and put Night at the Museum on. Once he had some milk he was better – and he promptly fell asleep in the car before we even left the parking lot. He even kissed and hugged the car…..

Anyways – back to Disneyland!

Last time we went to Disney, we only went for about 6 hours and arrived mid-afternoon. This time, we went earlier in the day and was at the gates pretty much right when the park opened. We were able to get parking without a problem and also rented a stroller for the day.


Because Max said he wanted to ride the roller coasters and is 40inches tall – we booked it to Thunder Mountain to grab a fast pass. I showed him a video of the ride the day before and I guess he felt that the special effects were too scary. We had a bit of time to wait before our fast pass, so we went to Fantasy Land and rode Dumbo, Pinnochio, and the carousel. I took my usual selfie with a horse.





Then it was time for Thunder Mountain! Max said he didn’t want to ride, but we went in anyways. We were able to all sit together and he liked the roller coaster part, but definitely did NOT like the special effects. He had his eyes closed everytime we went into the tunnels.

After Thunder Mountain, we went to our reservation at the Plaza Inn for a breakfast with Disney Characters! I figured that a) this would be fun for Max and b) we would eat lots of food and just skip lunch. We were able to get in very quickly and proceeded to fill our tummies with some great breakfast food. The Minnie Breakfast isn’t cheap: about $30 for adults and $12 for kids, but if you go later in the morning and skip breakfast and lunch, it comes out about the same. It also is indoors and of course, you get to see the characters. The breakfast was buffet style, which meant you could eat whatever you wanted. The items included:

– bacon

– scrambled eggs

– make your own omelet

– biscuits and gravy

– Fried steak

– Sausages

– Fresh fruit

– Yogurt

– Jello cup

– Various pastries

– Mickey Waffles with banana-caramel sauce

– French toast

– Cereal

along with an assortment of drinks.

Max and I shared a giant plate of eggs, bacon, biscuits, mickey waffles and a jello cup. I left very full!






After breakfast it was time to head to Tomorrow Land, as someone wanted to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride. The Buzz ride is moving ride where you shot laser beams at various objects. It is tons of fun. In March, the line up was short, but this time, I think we waited the longest for Buzz! I got to Level 3, P to level 4. According to my picture, I took the game seriously:



We then headed towards the Autopia ride to drive some cars. I took Max on this one and let him drive. Since we were close to Space Mountain and the timing worked, we picked up some fast passes for 3pm. After the Autopia ride, we went over to Pirates of the Caribbean and that Columbia Boat Ride. Pirates was a very reasonable 15 minute wait, with the last portion indoors. It was starting to get hot and sunny at that point. Max loved the Pirates ride, since he thinks he is a pirate 😉


After we finished up the boat ride we left the park and went to grab some shade and snacks at Downtown Disney. You are not supposed to leave the park with the stroller, but did not know that. Opps! We went to a Mexican restaurant for an hour or so and had guacamole.

Soon, it was time to go on Space Mountain! We told Max it was a space ship ride and he was excited. He thought the loading area was super cool and was telling people he was going off into space! The Disney folks measured him 3x to make sure he was the right height and off we went. We decided to let Max go with P this time, because we figured we would have to hold him back. Once we were on the ride, I could no longer see or hear Max. Despite the ride being the same height as Thunder Mountain – it was much faster! It is a fun ride, but messes with your senses because the ride is completely in the dark. Once you get onto the the ride, you go up into one of those tunnels that has images on a screen that make you feel like you are spinning. I did not like that part. After that – you are “cleared for launch” and you are off. The rest of the ride is completely dark minus the “stars”. Really – the ride is nothing too scary if it was just a normal roller coaster. No spins/upside down parts – but you just have no idea where the turns are. The whole time, I’m thinking “omg, Max must be freaking out” and “omg, worst parent ever”. After the ride finished, Max just walked off the ride and protested that he didn’t get to “ride the big rocketship” aka the big decorative piece in the middle of the loading area. We were just watching the Space Mountain video on youtube and Max was saying “here we go, up up up and super fast!”. I already posted this yesterday, but my face was priceless on the ride:



After Space Mountain we took the train to Mickey’s Toontown and rode the roller coaster there as well as played in the playgrounds. We were going to go on the Roger Rabbit ride, but Max said it was too scary. Go figure….

We went back to Main Street as we were hot and tired. Plus, Max’s behaviour was indicating he was tired. We waited in line for a million years for Mickey, but it was taking too long, so we left. We did manage to see Pluto, and since we knew where the characters were coming out, Max was allowed to “walk Pluto” to his spot.


That was it – we managed to go on lots of rides, but still have to go on Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and a few others! We drove halfway home and stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Max ate some dinner and promptly fell asleep in the booth while P and I finished our meals. We figured that whenever we go next time, we will either get a hotel to break up the day or go later to catch the parades and fireworks at night. There is no way that we would have lasted until 9pm for the fireworks!

Until next time Disney!


Have you been to Disneyland or Disney World yet?

What are your favorite rides?

Are you a coaster fan? 


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  1. Mom

    Mmm the vodka was good!! Glad to see you are over your fear of Space Mountain! (Waited in line for 2 hours when you were 8, then you chickened out). Best times ever Disney World . . Do not regret a cent we ever spent there. Cannot wait to take Max in the next couple of years.

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      I knew you were going to mention that….

  2. Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure

    Very cute picture with Pluto! That’s awesome. And man, kiddy meltdowns are no fun, but definitely a reality of travel (and of having kids haha). Glad it was a good time!
    Lisa @ Lulus Big Adventure recently posted…July – A Photo JournalMy Profile

  3. Crystal

    Love that pic of Max and Pluto. Adorable!
    Crystal recently posted…In My Vegetarian Kitchen: Guilt-Free Strawberry “Ice Cream”My Profile


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