Thinking Out Loud Thursday #53

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #53 – Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons



For those from the Toronto area – you may know of the very popular all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant, Mandarin. There are zero locations in the Ottawa area = closest one being in Kingston. Ottawa obviously has all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants, but none come close to the excellence that Mandarin offers. Until September – WHEN ONE OPENS IN ORLEANS!!! This is like the ONE thing opening in Orleans that no other part of Ottawa has. Orleans tends to get the short end of the stick in terms of everything, so a Mandarin is a pretty big deal for our little suburb. At least for me it is. It is a tad bit expensive and best suited for special occasions – but well worth the money. However, for my take out Chinese needs, I will be sticking with Lucky Star!

2. How much for a lunch box?

I’m pretty sure I mentioned on here that Max is not attending kindergarten in the Fall – but will be going to a pre-school environment instead. Therefore, I am free from making lunches for at least one more year (hooray!). BUT – This Facebook group I’m part of is of Moms who had babies in 2011. Most of those kids are attending school in a few weeks. A big topic right now is what supplies the kids need for school. Lunches are a bigger deal now because of so many rules about what kids can eat (we have healthy eating legislation here in Ontario) and of course, bans on foods that students are allergic to (peanut butter is a big no-no). I’m not 100% sure of the rules since once students enter secondary school, you can eat all the PB sandwiches you like and no one cares if you have whole wheat or white bread. Anyways, lunch boxes are a bigger deal now – especially the ones with containers so you can easily ensure you have the proper amount of grains, fruits and veggies in your kids lunch. But the cost of these lunch boxes are something like $30 or more? Apparently one box at $29 was “on sale”. Seriously?! The hell with that. I’m 99% sure that things will get lost really quickly. Heck, I lose my own lunch stuff on a regular basis.

A funny post when up on the internet the other day about 1970’s back to school vs. now – it is pretty funny and fairly accurate, even for us 1980’s/1990’s kids.


3. Canadian Magazine Runner of the Week

Canadian Running Magazine asked for people to submit their profiles in order to be highlighted in a weekly column on their website, sponsored by New Balance. A few weeks ago, they called me! I did put the link on my Monday marathon post, but here is the link again. Yes – I do get some new kicks. A pair of New Balance 1260v5’s are on their way. I think I officially have more running shoes than dress shoes now…..



SeaWheeze is this weekend and I wish I could run this race. I actually think it is more expensive for me to run SeaWheeze than the NYC Marathon. Flights to Vancouver are stupid expensive! For whatever reason, it is more expensive to fly to Vancouver than to Los Angeles.  I don’t even want to think about how much people spend at the clothing stands of the expo. But, it looks like a great race weekend and running in Vancouver is on my running bucket list. Actually, going to Vancouver is just on my bucket list in general. Have fun to all those going to SeaWheeze!


5. I’m done with summer vacation.

I’ve been on “vacation” for two weeks and I think I’m done already. I’ve never really done well with summer vacation. I think it is because with the exception of one summer back in 2009, I don’t receive a pay cheque and really I just like working. I’ve always said that I would really like to work at a year-round school where the “summer vacation” is broken up throughout the year. Right now our days basically consist of going to the park and eating food. Actually we are just about ready to head out to our late-morning park. Sometimes Max likes to wear mittens to the park???IMG_4274


That is all I have for today. Have a great Thursday!

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