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Yay, end of another work week and it is CANADA ARMY RUN WEEKEND! Hope to see some of you there!

It has been a bit of an exhausting week. I’ve had lots to do and lots of places to be. I even broke my rule of “one coffee in the morning” and had two cups on most days. P and I do like our coffee in the morning. We brew a big pot and there is almost nothing left when we leave. P will have 1-2 cups in the morning and bring a mug to work. Because we drink a pot of coffee in the morning, we felt for the longest time that a Keurig coffee machine wasn’t for us. A Keurig coffee machine is one of those brewing systems that you put individual coffee containers in (K Cups) and brew 1 cup of coffee. The benefit is that every cup tastes great and you can individualize your choice if one person wants decaf and another person wants a flavoured coffee. We are probably the last people on earth to have a Keurig, but we finally have one!


The fine folks at Influenster sent several lucky Canadians a Keurig K200 to test. Although my parents and several friends have a Keurig machine, they have the older versions not a Keurig 2.0. The K200 is a slim machine that can fit in small spaces. We have a small kitchen with little counter real estate, so I was worried about where the machine would go. Luckily it fits in nicely on our prep table, along with other kitchen appliances. My K200 is black in colour, but there are other colours available!

The K200 was easy to set up and understand. This machine is one that has a water reservoir, so you don’t have to fill it with water each and every time you want to brew a cup. I do find the water reservoir a bit oddly shaped and sometimes think I’m going to drop it. When the Keurig is on, it makes a cup of coffee pretty quickly with not so much noise. Although we do still brew coffee in the morning in our drip machine, we have been enjoying coffee and Van Houtte lattes in the evening. Having a Keurig will also make it easy when we have guests over and they want a coffee.

Influenster sent me some Van Houtte specialty drinks to try as well. We received the Cappuccino and Vanilla Lattes. I was a bit apprehensive to try these products because I’ve tried other kinds on other brewing systems and I could barely finish the drinks. The Van Houtte specialty drinks come with a K cup of coffee and a package with the milk based ingredients. When I made my latte, the coffee did not really stir/do anything to the powdered milk, so I had to stir for quite some time to get it to mix. The Van Houtte drinks do not make the foamy goodness that is in your typical cafe drinks, but there is a bit foam at the top. The flavour of the coffee was good, although very sweet. The Vanilla Latte wasn’t bad, but the cappuccino kind was too sweet for my liking. The specialty drinks were ok – but I’m not sure I would regularly buy the products.



I did purchase several K Cups at my local grocery store that sells them individually. The K200 is a 2.0 machine, meaning you have to use K Cups that are compatible with the machine. Before, with the older machines you could purchase a reusable K Cup (My K Cup) and just put your own coffee in. That is no longer the case. Considering that I buy my regular coffee on sale for about $7 (and that lasts me 3 weeks), using a Keurig is an expensive jump. K cups range in price, but I’m definitely not getting 3 weeks worth of K cups for $7. The K200 machine does support a K-Carafe system, meaning you get a pot of coffee. I still need to find the K-Carafe pods in the store to compare prices. In our house, I see us using the Keurig for afternoon and evening coffees, basically when we might just want a small cup. If Keurig came out with a 2.0 version of the My K Cup, we would probably ditch the drip machine.

What about you? How do you brew your coffee? Do you even drink coffee?

If you do have a Keurig – here is a coupon for the Van Houtte Specialty Drinks!

Disclosure: I was given a Keurig K200 and two packages of Van Houtte Specialty Drinks complimentary to test and review. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. Kristin

    I love my Keriug! I love being able to brew different flavors of coffee all morning. I haven’t seen the newer ones, but this looks nice and small!

  2. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    Last year I got a keurig from Influenster. I love it. I didn’t know they had these specialty drink ones now. Although I have an espresso machine so when I want a specialty drink I make up the real thing.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…FYI Friday – Beating ExcusesMy Profile


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