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Things have been pretty busy around here. I do love that I’m working full time again, but I do sometimes miss the flexibility of working part time. One thing that I’ve noticed is how hard it is to get a run/workout in when I have to drive 30 minutes back home to Orleans and no longer can sneak away during my unpaid period to go to GoodLife.

Recently I have been scheduling my workouts in my planner and making sure to leave some time for a workout. I’ve also had my fair share of mid-afternoon, sweat-fest runs lately. 3pm seems to be the only time I can run. But – I’m trying! ¬†Even last week, I had a spare 15 minutes before having to pick up Max and I ran into GoodLife to use the treadmill to run a mile and ran right back out.

GoodLife Fitness has recently launched Make it Happen, a call to action to get people out the door and making it to a gym to help lead a healthier, happier life. A survey conducted on behalf of GoodLife noted that we have many reasons for not making it to the gym: financial reasons, time, fatigue and time commitments. However, the survey also asked what it would take to motivate them to go to the gym more regularly and 1 in 4 said that a personal goal or life choice. In my Careers Class, we recently discussed goals and I had the students make three goals each: Personal, Educational and Health. Many students wrote down various types of physical activities for their Health goal. Everything from running a 5K to making a team. Hopefully they keep it up and continue to set personal fitness goals in their adulthood.

For the rest of us – we may think that we cannot do something. We think that there is no way we can play a sport at 40, no way that we can go skiing or in my case as I’ve been quoted lots of times, cannot run a marathon. I kind of squashed that comment last year. What helped me achieve that milestone was to make the NYC marathon my goal and just go to it. Once I had a plan in place, it seemed easier. Marathon training is no joke, but when I look back, I’m surprised that I was able to do it all. I barely missed a run.

We all have different circumstances and we are not alone when it comes to struggles in getting in a workout. I’ve discussed with many of you about fitting in workouts while having a young child and I know some of you are now in the same boat. Right now through social media, GoodLife is profiling some GoodLife members and documenting their struggles. Take a look at their stories and join in the conversation!

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own


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