STWM Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Happy Monday!


We are at the one month to go mark! YAY!

Another week back at it – this week was all about fitting in some sort of run, because I was a tad bit busy!

STWM Half Marathon Training Week 3


Monday – Off

I was a tad bit tired from the Beer Run 😉

Tuesday – 1 mile on the treadmill

I had some spare time before picking up Max, so I quickly zipped into GoodLife and went on the treadmill for 1 mile. Yes – one mile! That is all I had time for as I had a physio appointment and needed to pick up Max early. I didn’t even change (I changed at school), I just went in, ran 1 mile and ran back out.  I crack myself up.

Wednesday – 3KM at lunch

Running when it is hot outside and it is noon. Awful. A 3K run in the blazing heat was on the agenda and that is what was done. On Wednesdays I have a lunch hour class to run, which means I take “lunch” during 3rd period. The great thing about that, is that I have 75 minutes before my next class and have more than enough time to run “at lunch” and eat lunch at my desk while working after. I think that is what most of you “lunch hour workers” do. My usual lunch time is 50 minutes from bell to bell, meaning that I really only have approximately 30 minutes to eat lunch/run/whatever since it takes 5 minutes to walk from my portable to my office – change and then change again. Therefore, lunch hour running just doesn’t work unless I go into the class sweaty. Anyhoo – this run was hard just because of the heat.

Thursday – 5K run at Mooney’s Bay

I had a Sports Med appt at Carleton and since it was Track Thursday, I went to the track early (it is 5 minutes from Carleton) and then went on a run. Same deal as Wednesday – stupid hot outside. This time, I had a bit more shade. I still was bothered by the heat and dry heaved in the parking lot after. At least this 5K route has amazing views:



I also had time for some legs and plyo circuits + push-ups. My practice doesn’t start until 6pm, so I actually have time to have a good workout


Friday – 3K hike

We took Max on a hike in Gatineau Park on Friday night. Our friend came along with us. We just went to one of the shelter huts for dinner and used a park train (aka what we call “the highways). Not too much incline.

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – 5.2K Army Run Race + 2.5K of warming up/cooling down

As usual, I will write about the Army Run in a couple of days once the FREE photos come in (Thank you Canada Army Run and Zoom Photo!). Although, I didn’t see any photographers on the course – but I did take a picture at the finish line. Anyways, my friend suggested parking at the Museum of Nature which is about 1K away from the start – and I figured that was a great way to get some extra KM in. I ran slowly to the start and then another 500m to fully warm up. Now, you may have noticed that I wrote 5.2 for the 5K race – the race was long. More about that tomorrow….but this time, it was not my Garmin, it was the course. I ran back to my car to pick up my iPhone afterwards for another KM, and jog-ran back. By the time I ran back to see some STWM Digital Champion friends, my stomach was mad. It was mad at me the entire day. I really wanted to run a bit more, but my GI system was having none of it. More on that again tomorrow/Wednesday.



Almost ZERO leg pain this week! YAY! The only time I felt pain was when my back really hurt on Saturday (it was “that time of the month – sorry…..tmi). I mentioned last week that my PT thinks that the issue now is some nerve issues, which could stem from the back. I definitely had some lower leg issues in May/June but now it might be something completely different. Even with my PT appt on Tuesday, when she was doing her scraping thing – my left leg felt totally different than before. I went to the Sports Med doctor and she think that it is either a small tear or a nerve issue. I think the small tear thing was what happened in May/June, but now I don’t know. I have my ultrasound scheduled on Wednesday and going back to the Sports Med clinic next week. Hopefully soon some answers!

Other than that – this week was uneventful. I am struggling with getting out for longer runs on the weekdays. I have very limited time in the PM and really try to get all running done before picking up Max. I might have to try a bit harder these next few weeks though. Plus, I need to get these long runs in. Quite honestly, I’m happy with a 12K, 14K and 16K long run schedule before STWM  but I can’t reschedule any more long runs. Actually, we went through our schedules last night and we put my long run times in our shared calendars. If the weather is nice, hopefully P and Max can bike along.

Have a great Monday!


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  1. mary @ minutes per mile

    one mile is better than no miles! i used to be a lunch break runner back when i worked in an office with a treadmill. no shame in being sweaty at work 🙂
    mary @ minutes per mile recently posted…short hair, long runMy Profile


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