STWM Half Marathon Training: Week 4

Happy Monday!!

It is a great Monday because I earned a Starbucks reward and now I’m sipping a very large pumpkin spice latte. I like to stay caffeinated on Mondays….

Anyone catch the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse last night?  I managed to get outside just as the moon was disappearing. It was really cool when the moon disappeared. The moon was supposed to become a ‘blood moon’ after, but the clouds were in the way. The moon was really bright before the eclipse, which is why I think the clouds didn’t obstruct the view too much. I waited for about 30 minutes and finally caught a glimpse of the blood moon. I missed the harvest moon – if there even was one?

Anyways – back to running related matters.

STWM Half Marathon Training: Week 4

Monday – Rock Climbing

I’m not sure whether this actually counts or not, but we did go rock climbing on Monday. Because it was Max-centred, I only climbed a few easy walls. I can climb easy walls in zero time, so it wasn’t really a workout. But it was fun!


Tuesday – 3K at GoodLife

I had salad for lunch and my tummy was a little off, so I jumped on the treadmill at GoodLife instead of going outside. Probably a good idea because my shins were on fire. I wore my Brooks Ravennas, which I have found out are NOT the shoes to wear on the treadmill. I usually wear my racing flats or the New Balance 1260’s. I can’t wear my Mizuno Wave Inspires on the treadmill either. Anyways, I toughed it out for 3K on the treadmill – finishing in around 20 minutes.

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Around 4K with the XC team

Thursdays as you know are “Track Thursdays”. For the next few weeks, I’m coaching double practices, back to back. I coach XC from 3:45ish until 5pm, jump in my car and then coach track from 6pm-7:30pm. I ran with the XC team. We did 800m for a warm-up and then set off for a run in the path by the school. The kids ran a bit more than I did – but I ran around 3K. I waited at a particular point on the path so I could count kids as they made their return. My shins were still hurting a little bit, but felt better after I warmed up.

Friday – Off

I had all intentions of going to the gym – but I had to buy some groceries and stuff instead.

Saturday – 15K in 1:43

My first actual long run in awhile! I ran over 15K on the beer run trip and ran around 8K last Sunday. But this was the first actual long run I’ve done. It was great to get back out there!  The weather was perfect. A bit chilly and sunny. I wore my NYC marathon jacket for the first 5K, and then was just in a long sleeved shirt with gloves for the rest of the run. P took Max to his school (they had a Saturday activity at the school) so I had to morning to run. When I run with no one at home, I stick to my 5K loops just in case. There are four 5K routes that I run that go east or west on the river path or on the street. When P is home/when they are biking on the path I generally just do an out and back route on the path. Anyways – the first two 5K loops were easy. The third one was a bit harder, mostly because I was tired. I did have to hold back from running too fast. I did manage to run the 2nd 5K loop almost 2 minutes faster than the first. Not sure about the 3rd, but I think I ran about the same. I planned on finishing in 1:45, which would be around 7:00/km pace (where I should be for a LR), but ran it in 1:43, just around 6:50 pace. My legs held up just fine – although they were a bit sore afterwards.


Sunday – Off



I think that I will be continuing to do what I’m doing for the last couple of weeks before STWM. I haven’t been running with any sort of plan. I’ve been trying to run at least every other day, even if it is only a mile. So far in September, I have run about 70KM. My biggest mileage month so far has been April with 74K, so I should be able to easily beat that by October 1st (on Thursday). Next weekend will be my last big long run – 17K. Last year, I did run 20K before the Army Run Half, but the two other halfs, I maxed out at 16/17K. I’m honestly not worried at all about finishing the half. Will I PB? Maybe, maybe not. After next weekend, I will continue with my shorter runs during the weekend and run 10K on Thanksgiving Weekend. Then – nothing. Ok, well not nothing but maybe a couple of 3K runs and that is is. I am planning on running the 3K Friendship run on the Saturday of STWM – but I usually take an almost-zero-miles taper towards the end.

My legs have been ok. I had some shin splint issues this week – but that happened on both legs. Little bit of tightness on my bad leg, but nothing painful. I am back at the Sports Med clinic on Thursday, so I should have an idea of what is going on then. I do know what I need to work on though to stop these little injuries from happening: my running form.

I am a pretty awkward runner and have lots of running form problems to work through. I have worked on some issues: arms and strength are two areas. But the next step is to stop the over striding. If you go to ZoomPhoto and look at my photos/video you can clearly see me over striding yet again. I also tend to cross over which makes my hips drop quite a bit. Now – there is tons out there that discusses foot placement and really it isn’t the heel striking that is the problem (tons of elite athletes heel strike) – it is the fact that my knees/leg swing outwards way too much. I don’t get enough knee lift and when I strike the ground, you can see the stress it does to my muscles. Then, because my hips are way back, I collapse as my foot fully lands on the ground(take a look at those pictures – HILARIOUS). This could be the reason why I get back pain and then (maybe) get my leg pain. Also, because I also cross over, my whole body wiggles. I actually look like a race walker…..maybe I missed my calling? lol.

Now – I’m not going to be changing my running form 3 weeks from STWM – that is just silly. BUT – it is something I will have to work on in the winter. If I can figure out how to get my hips/knees cooperating and run properly, I probably could get much faster. I think what is happening is that I do indeed get faster every Spring but because I’m not running efficiently and causing stress to my muscles, I get injured. What I think needs to happen is I need to concentrate on running drills after STWM. It isn’t like I don’t know how to teach people how to run – so really, why can’t I listen to myself?

Oh that note – Max has almost perfect running form…….

Ok – Time to get working! Have a great Monday!

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