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Happy Wednesday!!

I’m home alone right now – Max is at pre-school and P went into school. As of right now, I don’t have a job lined up for Tuesday yet. I won’t panic until Tuesday. There is nothing I can really do about it – it is out of my control. Also out of my control is how fast I am seeing my Sports Med doctors at Carleton. I was supposed to go in on Friday, but now it has been delayed until the 14th. In the meantime, I have started regularly training again on a modified plan. I haven’t really created anything like my marathon plans, but rather going with the swing of things. I’m still monitoring how much I run as to go back slowly and not increase mileage any more than 10%. I have officially switched to the half marathon, so some of the pressure is off.


My routine lately has been basically cycling and strength training. But today I finally went for a short 3K run using my “flat route”. I believe that I’m only going to run 2x a week, but cycle at least 2x a week at the same time. Today’s 3K run was garmin-less with no watch. I ran 1K, then took a 100m walking break, then ran another KM before taking another 100m walking break. I definitely felt tired and a little out of shape. BUT – the leg seems fine. I am using K-tape to support my ankle and post-tib muscle/tendon and that has been working. I’m also doing all my physio exercises and stretching. Hopefully things do not get worse.



Speaking of STWM – the T-shirt design has been released. Every shirt will have the same design, but the colour will be different depending on your race. I love the design and really like Asics’ tech shirt. My NYC shirt is an Asics and I love it. There is still time to sign up and run STWM with me and the other Digital Champions! It is looking like it will be a fun weekend. I can’t wait! There are a couple of us running the half marathon now – so if you want someone to run with, there are lots of people in both the marathon and half marathon to run with.


Unfortunately it seems that #TeamInjuredRunner keeps growing by the week – a number of my running friends have had some sort of injury occur. Some are going to stick with their original race choices, while some have had to modify their plans, or even cancel the race. Stay tuned later this week when I write on the STWM Digital Champions blog on what happens when “things go wrong”.

Have a great Wednesday! 

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