Staying Warm and Bright in the cold #RunHappy

it is that time of year again – we quietly pack away our tank tops and shorts for the season and gather up our Fall and Winter running gear. I still need to find a few items that have somehow become lost including my winter running hat. I’m starting to run more in long sleeved shirts and capris and know that the running jacket days are almost here. I ran Sunday’s race in shorts and a t-shirt and I’m thinking that was the last time I will be wearing that combination until Spring *cries*.

Brooks recently sent me a LSD jacket to try during those crisp Fall running days. The Brooks LSD jacket is a lightweight jacket that is windproof and waterproof. Unlike winter running jackets, it does not have any fleece layers but is just the outer shell that keeps out wind and rain. Fall/Spring weather can be a bit tricky to dress for since it might be too warm for a winter running jacket, but too cold to just got out in a t-shirt.

So far, I have worn the jacket on a number of runs and during a few cross country meets. The LSD jacket Brooks sent me is the bright yellow kind, but there are also a few other colours, including a few without the pattern.  All of the jackets have retroreflectivity to help with safety during dark mornings and evenings. At first I thought that the colour was way too bright, but once I wore the jacket it did seem to suit me. Plus, the cross country team can find me from anywhere!


The jacket does keep the rain and wind out. I wore the jacket on two really windy days and I felt just warm enough. One thing I did notice is that I didn’t feel as stuffy as I felt with my MEC rain jacket. The jacket does seem to retain your sweat, making the jacket a bit slimy on the inside after taking it off.

With some of my other running jackets, the section around the hips is fitting. For me, that means the jacket rides up or feels too tight. With the Brooks jacket, they used a side pedal hem for good range of motion but also prevents the jacket from riding up. The jacket still looks and feels fitted though.


Another great feature of the jacket is that it has a pocket where you can stuff the entire jacket in and then carry the jacket with an elastic handle. We all have those runs when we start off cold but then warm up. This jacket makes it super easy to carry your jacket without tying it on your waist (something that bugs me). When I ran my 10K at Sandbanks, I only wore the jacket for 2KM before taking it off. I carried the jacket the rest of the way and it honestly didn’t bug me that much.



The only thing I wish the jacket has was thumb holes. I do love my thumb holes. HOWEVER – I say that, but get annoyed when I can’t see my watch.

The Brooks LSD jacket is now a staple in my running wardrobe. I’ve worn it a number of times and will continue to wear it as my main running jacket until the temperature dips low enough for me to bring out the winter gear. If the bright flashy neon colour doesn’t suit you, there are other colours. But think about it – you will be able to find yourself in any mass photos from your races 😉

Run Happy! 


I was given the LSD jacket from Brooks to review. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.

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