So about that job thing

Happy Friday!

I’m currently boiling in my Batgirl costume. My current school takes Halloween very seriously, so you better show up in costume! At least dressing this morning was super easy.

I got back from Nova Scotia yesterday afternoon. I had a great time – and will probably talk about what I was doing at CFB Greenwood in more detail in a post next week. The weather in Halifax was awful yesterday – there were remnants of a hurricane and so that meant lots of rain and heavy winds. The pilots warned us that the first 10 minutes or so of the flight would be “bumpy”. It sure was! About 5 of us from the CFB tour were on the flight and we were giggling until the plane took off, then we shut up for about 5 minutes while the plane bumped along. As the pilots said, it was the DisneyLand portion of the flight.



I will share some food pictures! CFB Greenwood has (apparently) the best kitchen in the Forces with most food being made from scratch – including the desserts! That cheesecake was pretty amazing. We definitely ate well!



I also got an amazing lobster roll at the airport of all places.




Anyways so a bit of a job change coming up. Although I did mention on Twitter/Facebook, I haven’t really talked about my job situation on here. My status at the school board has been a teacher who covers maternity and leave of absences.¬†As you know from previous posts, I’m not guaranteed work and I switch schools often. I thought that this semester would be easy peasy because I had a full time gig until February at the school I’m currently employed at. However, I did go on an interview at another school for a small permanent position – and I got that job. It took me 6 years to get that one little section of permanent contract. However, it meant I had to give up my afternoon period at my current school.

But then I got another email – this time from my previous boss, who is also one of my references. He said my name came up as one of the “top 5 candidates”. All jobs are done by seniority and you have to be top 5 to get an interview – most of the time I’m fine for temporary gigs, but having two permanent contract job interviews has never happened. I thought I bombed this interview and wasn’t holding my breath. But then I got a call getting offered that section as well. Which means that I have to drop my entire course load at my current job and go back down to part time status. Yay but oh man, what a decrease in my salary.

SO – all this confusing stuff means that I have 33% of a permanent contract in my school and can now apply to internal postings. Big deal! Hopefully in the next year or so I will be back to 100% contract. YAY!

But – this also means I will be very poor for the next couple of months and looking for some part time work. Eventually I will have a regular job and finally be done with all this job hunting stuff.


Anyways – Have a great Friday!

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  1. Jane @ 50statecanuck

    THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!!! Congrats!!!!
    Jane @ 50statecanuck recently posted…First day back on the road, My Halloweiner, and lunch with my friend.My Profile


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