STWM Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Happy Monday!


We are almost ready for STWM!! It will be here before I know it. I have two short weeks at school this week, with a super long weekend (PD Day on Friday) and then BOOM it will be back in the car to head to Toronto for STWM. I will have a separate post later on about my plans for the Expo/Speakers and that sort of thing.

STWM Training Week 5

Honestly – one of the best weeks I’ve had in awhile! First up: I got the results for my ultrasound on my leg and everything came up clear. SO, that means no muscle tear and no tendonitis. The next step is nerve testing and a MRI. The leg is feeling pretty good, but even as I type this on Sunday night it still doesn’t feel 100% back to normal.


Monday – GoodLife Workout + GoodLife

I had some time after school to head to the gym before picking up Max. I cycled for 5 minutes and then did squats, presses and pull-downs on the machines. I moved the weights to 70lbs on the presses/pull downs. I’m still going easy with squats with two 10lb dumbbells.  After that, I went rock climbing at the indoor gym. I climbed a few walls with Max – nothing too difficult.

Tuesday – 3.5K on the Treadmill at GoodLife

I had plans to run 4K outside, but my tummy wasn’t feeling that great, so I decided to stick inside for my workout. That and it was raining. I don’t really mind rain though. I jumped on the treadmill for 23 minutes before having to go back home. I would have liked to have run later, but traffic was INSANE because people in Ottawa freak out when it is raining.


Wednesday – 3K in 17:30

A bit of a quicker run. I dropped Max off at home and I quickly went out to run a few KM to make sure my September mileage was the highest of 2015. P said to make it a more meaningful fun (LOL) and to run more than 2K, so I ran 3K. Then I made some burgers. Yummy!

Thursday – 3K

I don’t really have a time for this run as the students had my Garmin. We had two different workouts at Mooney’s Bay, and I stuck with the kids doing hill work. We did have to warm up though, so I ran with the kids for that. When the kids went home, I ran a bit more before heading up to the track for my evening track practice.

Friday – OFF

Honestly, it was a busy week and I was DONE. Plus, I had to rest for my 17K run

Saturday – 17K in 1:52

One of the best long runs I’ve had in quite some time. The weather was almost perfect. The temperature was great, the wind was not. Luckily, I only go the wind for 50% of my run. When I was running with the wind, I felt like I could fly. *Cue the R. Kelly song*. When I was against the wind, I swore like a sailor. It was pretty awful. The original plan was to run two 8.5K routes on the Ottawa River Path. The wind was really strong by the water, so I ended up doing one of my suburban street 5K and 3K looks instead. For most of my run, my legs felt fantastic. A bit of shin pain on my right leg (not the bad one), and obviously feeling a bit tired towards the end, but in all, a pretty solid long run. I maintained my pace, staying even for both 8.5K loops. I also got a bit faster towards the end. I also realized that even though my legs feel heavy after 15K, at least I can maintain my pace. Max and P were going to join me, but it was a bit too windy for them. Max ensured that I left the house with my GU gel and my water bottle 😉


Sunday – Hike in Gatineau Park

It was a family orientated hike – so it was slow and easy. Max had a little buddy there and the two boys spent the entire time running and then rolling on the ground. They had fun and after we left, Max said he missed his buddy. We probably hiked about 4K or so – but it was super easy.




I’m unsure of my goals for STWM. I think I have the potential to PB if my legs keep feeling great. I’m not ready to go sub-2 yet. In order for me to do that, I basically have to go almost as fast as my 10K PB – that was a pretty hard race for me, and I cannot do that for 21.1KM. What looks workable is something like 2:10. That would still be a huge PB. Even if I get 2:14, its a PB. I am not doing nearly enough miles per week to be comfortable going faster. Maybe the next half marathon? The idea behind my low KM training is that I don’t want to piss off my leg anymore. Right now, everything is working and I will keep doing what I’m doing to maintain that. Also, work and commuting is kicking my butt, so really – I don’t have time to run 8K/10K on a weekday. Just not going to happen. Again, the idea is don’t piss off the leg and have a strong race at STWM. Anything can happen!

Less than 2 weeks to go!!!!

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