Thinking Out Loud Thursday #68

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons


  1. Shocks and Needles

Yesterday I was at the Ottawa Hospital getting some tests done on my leg. My leg has been really good lately and hasn’t hurt at all. But I had these tests scheduled, so I went anyways. They tested my nerves in my leg by shocking it a bunch of times. It didn’t hurt but felt funny. All those tests came back normal. The doctors then did some further exams (strength stuff) and also put a needle in my leg to look at my muscles. It all came back normal except the doctor did notice that on my left leg, my post tib strength wasn’t great. He bent my foot and had me push his arm – but unlike the other strength tests where I could hold his hand back – this time, it just flung it back in two seconds. I told the doctors about how I can prevent the leg issue from coming back by wearing shoes that don’t aggravate the leg. What they figure is that when I wear shoes that don’t agree with me – my post tib protests. I’m pretty sure I did not need the fancy tests to figure that out. I still have an MRI scheduled in two weeks to check my back – but I bet it comes back clear.

2. “Day Appointments”

I have a cavity 🙁 I had an appointment at my dentist after school next week but P has to work late so I had to cancel. I spent way too much time on the phone yesterday trying to explain to the receptionist that I cannot come in during the day. It is an ongoing issue when people try to schedule things during the day and wonder why I hesitate when booking appointments during the school day. I can take time off but it is a big pain and sometimes frowned upon to book appointments during the school day. Also, the way my schedule is right now, if I have to take an afternoon off when I don’t have a class (which is every other day) I lose out on potential income. Anyways, I just try and avoid day appointments….

3. Guacamole!!!

Max wanted to help out making dinner the other day when it was “Taco Night!” – He took a liking to avocados and asked if he could “smoosh” them. So I let him make the guacamole and also shred some cheese.


4. Happy Thanksgiving American Friends!

I’m totally jealous of all the Turkey Trots and Turkey Dinners that are appearing on all my social media feeds today. I am totally craving the whole turkey dinner thing now. Every year I seem to get confused that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday. I always seem to think it is like Canada on a Monday. Which means that I’m totally jealous of all the time off Americans have for this weekend. In Canada we only have the Monday off and Thanksgiving just doesn’t seem like as big of a deal. BUT – one thing I like about Canadian Thanksgiving is that it is in early October and the weather is a bit warmer. Nothing is better than Thanksgiving when it is 18-20C outside.


Time to go – Have a great Thursday!

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