Winter Training

The air is getting a bit chilly and we saw our first dusting of snow in the Ottawa area this weekend. Not only is the holiday season almost here, but so is winter training! Last year I continued to run throughout the winter months and strength trained at GoodLife Fitness as well. I believe it paid off big time when I sent sub-25 in the 5K twice. Since I’m running the Ottawa Race Weekend half marathon this spring, I want to continue building up my mileage so that I don’t have to start from scratch. If I start from scratch, I’m probably going to have a harder time breaking 2:00hrs. I haven’t been doing much lately – going on runs 2x a week and going to the gym. I’m a bit antsy to get going again.

During the winter I train quite a bit less than I do in the summer. I might run 2-3x a week and visit the gym at least once. This year I am going to try a bit more of a structured plan. I have my first 5K of the 2016 season when I run MEC’s “Sub-Zero” race at the end of January. Following that, I hope to have a March 5K, April 10K and then Ottawa Race Weekend. Every year I get this feeling to want to run Around the Bay or some other spring marathon/distance race but the idea of running for 25+KM in the cold just doesn’t appeal to me. That and the road conditions in my area. No thanks!

So what is my plan?


Run at least 3x a week, maybe 4 if I have time. I am pretty bad at only running two kids of runs: long and steady. That is fine and dandy if I want to run “to complete” but my focus for the first part of the year will be to get faster. I have no problem running a 5K or even a 10K – its all about getting faster. How does one get faster: variations in running workouts. So, I will be doing the following:

Long Runs – 8K-10K until half marathon training starts

Speed Work – I have access to an indoor track and I love speed work

Intervals – I haven’t done intervals in awhile but they will be beneficial for 5K races

Steady Runs – 3-5K

Cross and Strength Training

One of the reasons I had a successful STWM Half Marathon was because although I only race 3-4 times a week, I went to the gym and strength/cross trained at least once a week. I will be maintaining my GoodLife visits through the winter. My upper body strength has greatly improved over the past year and next focus area is my core. I will probably also frequent the gym on super cold/icy days and realistically the one workout I enjoy doing on a treadmill is an interval one.

Leg Stuff

In terms of how my leg is doing – it is doing better but still acts up. My leg pain resurfaces when I wear cruddy shoes. I “invested” in a better pair of flats from SoftMoc from work that don’t bug my leg and my current rotation of running shoes are working great. I have some strength training to do with my glutes and hips to try and avoid injury in the spring. I have my nerve conductivity test next week and an MRI in December. I will be wearing my problem causing shoes that week to try and get the nerve to do its thing. Hopefully some answers soon!


What about you? What are you doing this winter?

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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