Max at 4

Yesterday was Max’s 4th Birthday!  We celebrated by eating burgers at “The Works” and then spending oodles of money at Lowe’s. Only my kid would think shopping for toilets and tiles is exciting….

Anyways, here is a Max update!

Max update at 4 years



This was last year’s update and it is essentially the same. Except for naps. Max only naps when we go on long car rides. To date he has only taken one nap at preschool since August.

His sleep routine changes every once and awhile. As of right now, he naps during the weekdays at daycare and then doesn’t nap on the weekends. When he doesn’t nap, he goes to bed by 8pm – if he does nap, it could be 10pm before he finally falls asleep. He isn’t fussy or anything like that – he just doesn’t want to go to bed. Right now his bedtime routine involves “snuggle time”, a story and then he says “Go away, please!” and promptly puts himself to bed. Last night he didn’t even want us in the room. He sleeps through the night, sometimes has nightmares and wakes up anywhere from 4:30am (like today) to 8am. Usually he likes to wake up and just sit in bed for awhile.


Again – pretty much the same thing. However now he likes to help make his own food. Max also is learning how to use a knife and fork. He eats way better at preschool then he does at home.

Max eats food. That is pretty much it. He tries almost anything and eats what we eat. He like chicken, ham and burgers for meat choices. But I would say his favorite meal is either chicken noodle soup or pasta. There are not too many things he doesn’t like and sometimes he just doesn’t like something for a day and then will eat 50 of them the next. Yesterday I noticed that he was grabbing himself some crackers and dipping it in hummus. Sometimes he loves hummus, sometimes he doesn’t! He likes his sweets too, but don’t try to give him too much ice cream – he will actually tell you “too much, too much!”.


All his teeth are in. He has two grey teeth from his fall in August. Nothing we can do about that. He has been to the dentist, and he thinks that is a fun place to go.


He runs, he climbs, he is has almost figured out the whole bike thing. He does know how to swim but has told me that he is afraid of “falling down” and doesn’t like to swim without his jacket. If he has his life jacket on, he is jumping in and dunking his head in the water with no problem. However, we noticed that if he can touch the bottom – he will swim.




Dark blond


He loves his friends. He is finally at the stage where if you give him a new toy, he will sit and play for hours. He likes to play with his digs and legos the most. He has lots of friends at preschool. Yesterday he tried to pick a girl up at “The Works” by showing her his robot dance moves.


Max’s speech is getting quite a bit better. Sometimes he is still unclear. Sometimes he says the most hilarious things.


Max is over 35lbs and over 40inches. Actually he is probably close to 42 inches by now. He is a lean lil dude which means his pants fall down or he wears floods. He is in size 4-5 clothing.


Still the same as last year. He is willing to do pretty much anything and talk to anyone. He had a full on conversation with an employee at Lowe’s last night and also wasn’t afraid at all to ask a guy at Giant Tiger if “they had any rubber duckies”. He does like to be a leader but also likes to copy other kids as well.

Max is a very cheerful kid who just likes to play and eat food. Max is very independent these days and would rather do things himself. Sometimes he even closes the door for some “alone time”. Although he is sometimes shy, he will eventually talk to anyone. The cutest is when he goes up to someone, shakes their hand and goes “Hi, I’m Max!”. Max does have a bit of a temper – especially when we have to do something he doesn’t want to do, or when his block towers fall down. But honestly, his temper tantrums are nothing. Any stranger that has met him thinks he is the most polite, organized and cutest little boy around. I think one of the nanny-service people we have had to call when I have had a childcare emergency was going to cry when Max blew her a kiss when she left. Too funny!

Current Faves:


  • anything construction related
  • food
  • ice cream and cake
  • Paw Patrol
  • Snow – he is right annoyed there is no snow yet
  • puzzles
  • painting/arts and crafts
  • Christmas and Halloween

Current Dislikes:

– Not being as tall as me

– His car seat. He is probably going to be in that seat for awhile.

– When I say he cannot help or do something because he is too little

Big Changes

Nothing much to report in terms of “big changes”. He is still in diapers at night – but I have noticed he doesn’t pee as much anymore. His pacifier is completely gone. He cried for one night and that was it. Then, randomly about three months later he asked for it back. No.

Other than that – he is still a pretty cool lil dude – Happy Birthday Max!



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  1. Jen@jpabstfitness

    Happy Birthday Max!

  2. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    He really is such a cute kid. Well done, momma!!!
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