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Hi all!

So I got a call on Thursday before leaving from track from my family doctor’s office. My MRI results came in (within two days – that is fast) and the receptionist gave me my test results. She said my back/spine was clear but they found an “incidental finding”. What was that finding? That I have a cyst on my right ovary. The receptionist said I would be given a requisition for yet another test (ultrasound) and that was that. As soon as I hung up the phone I thought:

OF COURSE – I’m so stupid.


Because this is not the first ovarian cyst I’ve had. You would figure that I would recognize the symptoms but back then, I wasn’t a runner. Looking at the symptoms of an ovarian cyst, so many of my “issues” lately can now be explained. I do think I did something to my muscle back in May (a strain) but with all the tests and the wonky nature of my symptoms that didn’t really correlate to a typical running injury. I think we knew that it wasn’t something necessarily running related. I’m not going to discuss all the symptoms on here because some of the symptoms are TMI for this blog. But since I do talk about bathroom issues – I think we can now realize why I feel the need to go to the bathroom so much during runs/races. The other big symptom that I will discuss is the lower back/upper thighs pain that I tend to have all the time. It isn’t super painful, but a dull ache. I was re-writing my assignment last week and could barely sit in my chair. The back stuff is what we thought was causing the weird leg pain down my left side.

Anyways to going back to the other ovarian cyst I had. I was with a different family doctor then (back in Toronto) and things didn’t go so well. My doctor decided to take the “wait and see” approach as sometimes the cysts just go away on their own. So we waited – and then my ovary started twisting. A referral was made to an OB-GYN but that was a 9 month wait (no joke). I had a “twisting episode” (severe pain) in teacher’s college and freaked my roommate’s right out as they took me to the hospital. I had another episode when my Mom and I were in NYC where I threw up on the top of the Empire State Building but managed to get it together so I could see Wicked that night. Then, in the summer on my first day at my camp job – I had another twisting episode. They pain would always go away after 12 hours, but this time it didn’t. Finally, at about 2am in the morning, I went to the camp nurse and said it was time to go to the hospital. I made it to the super tiny hospital in Haliburton where I threw up (again) and was given some demerol. They did not have an ultrasound in Haliburton so they sent me to Lindsay for one. That car ride was SO MUCH FUN. They gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3’d but the pain would not go away. To this day, I can no longer tolerate Tylenol 3’s.

After another day of waiting around and barely making it during the intensive training program at my job – I went with a few staff members to a walk in clinic beside the hospital. At this point I could no longer sit in a chair and was (I think?) on the floor in the room. The doctor said “well this isn’t right!” and promptly called an OB-GYN in Orillia who would meet me at the hospital there. So the doctor sent me across the street for another shot of demerol and I was driven to Orillia. I had another ultrasound and was told that I was having surgery that night. I called my parents, saying I had “an issue” and they drove up (they had no idea what was going on and had concert tickets that night – oppsies). Unfortunately all that twisting meant my ovary was toast and that was that. If you want to give yourself nightmares, google “ovarian torsion” and see what images pop up…..

ANYWAYS – What this all means, I don’t know. I have to have an ultrasound and then we will go from there. I have a bunch of “if this happens then this, this and this” but nothing can really be determined until we find out what is really going on.

Hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. Marsden

    Sending good thoughts your way and hoping for the best.
    Marsden recently posted…The Curse Of The Race PhotoMy Profile

  2. Nicole

    Glad you found the source of the pain. Hope the doctor can provide you with a hood treatment plan since it sounds awful!

  3. Jane@50statecancuk

    Good lord!!!! That’s really all I have to say at this point…GOOD LORD!!!

  4. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    Oh my goodness, I hope you are ok! I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for the best. I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Please keep us all updated.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Getting My Groove BackMy Profile


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