Training Lately #2

Happy Monday!

I finished my course on Friday and now we should be back to regularly scheduled blogging/training. So what have I been up to?

Monday November 23rd – GoodLife Workout

I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill and did some weights. I’ve been going to GoodLife pretty much every Monday and I like the routine.

Tuesday-Thursday November 24-26th – NOTHING

It was a busy week and unfortunately, work and working on course stuff meant I had to skip out on some workouts. I usually always have some sort of workout on Thursday, but quite honestly I was beat and went out for pizza before track instead.

Friday November 27th – 5K on the treadmill at GoodLife

I really need to not run 5K on the treadmill. I have no idea how you all put up with treadmill miles. I just want to get off the treadmill as fast as possible. I rarely run with music when I’m running outside (almost never), while on the treadmill if I don’t have music, I am in trouble! I ran this 5K slow in 34:00 and had a bit of hip pain afterwards.

Saturday November 28th – Nothing

Sunday November 29th – 3K in 17:10.

Max and P went to the park and I went for a quick 3K run. Max ran with me for the first 200m before veering right towards the park. I felt very comfortable running a bit faster with this run and even noticed I dived into the 4:xx range for a good half a KM or so.

Monday November 30th – GoodLife workout

I went on the bike for 25:00 and then did a series of weights: tricep pulls, lunges, squats, press/twists and rows.

Tuesday, Dec 1st – 2 miles on the treadmill in 21:44

Another treadmill run. I believe that this Tuesday was a freezing rain day, so I did not run outside. Probably a good thing because I was slipping all over the place when I went to pick up Max.

Wednesday Dec. 2nd – Nothing

Thursday Dec. 3rd – 4K in 24:00

Just a nice 4K steady run in the afternoon. My legs did feel very tired though! I kept steady and ended up getting faster with every KM.

Friday Dec. 4th – Nothing

I finished up my course instead…….

Saturday Dec. 5th – 5K with Run Ottawa

Run Ottawa puts on free 5K’s on the first Saturday every month during the peak running season. This past Saturday was the last one. I went to test my fitness a bit and also to meet up with some Team Awesome members. I knew I wasn’t in 5K shape, but wanted to see what my legs could do. It was a bit windy on Saturday and we were exposed. The route was two loops of a very big square on the Experimental Farm in Ottawa. There was a pretty large group of runners there. The “race” is free, but is self-timed. They don’t give medals or specific t-shirts, but they do have bins of old Ottawa Race Weekend shirts available and door prizes! I picked up a blue Ottawa 10K shirt from 2014. I met up with Bridget, Andre, Leanne and Roch before the race. We all are at different paces, so when the race started we just went on our way. I tried to keep Bridget in my sights but lost her after the first KM. My legs were just not feeling the 5K. My splits were: (5:01), (5:13), (5:23), (5:36), and (5:24) for a 5K of 26:41. It wasn’t a bad time, just not a great time. Looking at my Connect Garmin graph, I definitely struggled with the first part of the second loop and then picked it back up. I haven’t done much speed work yet, and I know in order to break that 25:00 barrier again, I have to spend some time at the track. That and run more long runs!


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.12.07 PM



It is time to pick it up a bit. I’m at the point that I know I have to put in a bit more work in order to get the results that I want, but also don’t want to dive in too much now because things will become more time consuming when I start training specifically for Ottawa Race Weekend in March. I was pretty frustrated with my running last week as it all seemed like it was such an effort. What I think is going on is I’m not eating enough or drinking enough water during the day. I drive between schools and no longer have an office where I can put my snacks/water. Some days I spend my lunch hour driving from school to school, which means no sit down lunch for me and rather I’m shoving whatever I can down my throat before the bell rings. I have started purchasing some more ‘snacky’ food for when I’m on the go. I’m even making myself my own “Cheese and Fruit” platter like the ones they have at Starbucks.

I also have to start long runs again. There is no excuse for me not running long runs except pure laziness/not wanting too. It isn’t like I have to run 20 miles, 5-8 miles would do just fine. I’m hoping to start long runs again this week. I think that long runs make all the difference and will be super important if I want to run a sub-2:00 half marathon in the spring.

That is it for today – Have a great Monday!

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