Training Lately #3

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying their winter holidays. It is officially winter, but Ottawa still hasn’t had winter weather yet. I’m probably part of a small group of people who doesn’t mind the lack of running at all! It has been raining quite a bit though. Anyways, training lately!

Monday December 7 and Tuesday December 8 – Nothing

Wednesday December 9 – 6K Run Outside

It was a great day for a run! I had some time before my second school gig, so I took off for a 6K run on the Ottawa River Path. Nothing too extraordinary but I’m glad I made it out for a 6K run, which was my longest run since STWM. I am trying to run on the path as much as possible until it snows over. Once we get snow that sticks and accumulates – the path isn’t really feasible for running.  I finished the run in 37 minutes, then quickly showered and made my way to work.

Thursday December 10 – 3K run

Another great weather day – I elected to run outside rather than head to the track. I have months left of indoor track time! I run a bit quicker with this run, finishing in 17:43. I ran a progressive run, with each KM getting faster. My first KM was 6:21, and I finished my second in 5:42 and my third KM in 5:35. Then I went to track.


Friday December 11 – Nothing

It was BEAUTIFUL outside when I was driving between work locations. I was sitting at the traffic lights thinking that if the weather could hold out, I could maybe sneak a run in before my parents arrived. On certain days, I have a large gap of time between schools that allows me to “run at lunch” – but every other day, I don’t have this gap and if I’m booked for supply work (which I was), I have to drive to my other school during my lunch time. Of course, it started to pour as soon as the bell rang for the day. No running for me!

Saturday December 12 – 5K Run Outside

My parents were in town and I got to go to track AND run 5K outside. Bonus! I then proceeded to eat tons of pizza and cake as we had a small party at our house that evening for Max’s Birthday. I took the usual Ottawa River Path. There were lots of people on the path as it was a fairly decent day out.

Sunday December 13 – Nothing

Monday December 14 – GoodLife Workout

Although I didn’t make it to GoodLife last week, I made sure to make it to my usual “GoodLife Monday’s. I started off by warming up on the treadmill – running about 2.5K before heading to the weights. I’m starting to get a bit more heavy with the weights – especially with squats and lunges.


Tuesday December 15 – nothing

Wednesday December 16 – 4K Run Outside

A bit more chilly outside, with a bit of wind but still decent conditions. I ran after school this time but unfortunately my GI system wasn’t having any fun because I ate nachos for lunch. Don’t do that! I ran about 2K before having to head in for a bathroom break, then went out for another 2K. I ended up running the 4K in just over 25 minutes.

Thursday December 17 – Nothing

Had plans to go running, but some family stuff meant that I couldn’t make it out to the track early enough for a speed workout nor could I run outside.

Friday December 17 – 4K Run at GoodLife

Winter Holiday Time! YAY! Funny enough, I saw a few teacher friends at the gym after school. I ran 4K at the gym in 26:30 and then did some squats and rows before heading to the preschool to pick up Max.

Saturday December 18 – Monday December 22nd – Absolutely nothing

It is the start of our two week break from school and we have plans to tackle a number of home reno projects. Meaning, not too much time left in the day for running. I did go to track on Saturday which took up most of the day. After that, it has been mostly staying at home and not running. Although I’m not “in training” for anything, it is really hard to shake the feeling that I *should* be running.




I already started rambling above but school breaks usually makes it difficult for me to get out and run. We are really trying to stay focused on using our vacation time wisely to tackle as many things as we can before we have to go back to school. We really want to put our house up for sale in March, so we need to ensure we get things done. Unfornately that doesn’t leave much time left for running. Although if the weather forecast stays at 16C for Thursday – I AM GOING RUNNING. IN SHORTS. YES.

As winter eventually arrives, I will probably start transitioning more to running at GoodLife. There have been a number of afternoons where it has been raining or freezing rain and the roads are slippery. I also want to keep working on strength and cross training in the winter season. I started going to GoodLife a year ago and noticed how much easier it was to run fast once the spring racing season arrived. I do not have a treadmill at home, so being able to go to GoodLife on winter weather days has been very beneficial. I am a bit envious of runners who have treadmills at home – but having a gym membership is the next best thing.

Another aspect that I need to work on in the next few weeks is using my journal more – there were several workouts that I did not remember when writing this post and had to use Daily Mile + Garmin Connect to figure them out. I even made an error on Daily Mile and put the wrong date – it took me awhile to figure out what day I actually went to GoodLife. I do keep track of all my running on Daily Mile, so at least I have some record of what I’ve done!

In the meantime, I will keep tracking away at home renos and hope to run sometime soon!

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    It sounds like things are going really well. I hear you on avoiding the slippery roads. Thankfully we have snow covering out roads, which provides some traction. I never mess with ice though. GoodLife sounds like perfect place to train during the winter months. Hopefully you can still make time here and there for running, with all the packing and moving you will be doing. I know how hectic that can be.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Getting My Groove BackMy Profile


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