2016 Training Plans

Happy Tuesday!

How are all of you enjoying the cold weather today? Good to see lots of brave runners out there dealing with the cold and still managing to run outside. I’ve been battling a bit of a cold for the past few days, so I’m probably running inside today.

Over the Winter break, I only ran twice. Once at GoodLife and once outside on that beautiful warm Christmas Eve day. We were very busy with home renovations and therefore, running took a backseat for the last two weeks. Now that I am back at school and back to the routine, I will be starting my 2016 training season. As of right now, the only races I’m registered for are MEC Sub-Zero 5K at the end of January, Ottawa Race Weekend’s Half Marathon and STWM. I have a number of races I would like to race including Emilie’s Run, another MEC race in April and the Sporting Life 10K but just haven’t registered yet. I also might put my name in the hat for the NYC Marathon again.

I am now starting to plan the first 6 months of the year. Even if I race in the MEC race and Sporting Life, they will be placed inside the Ottawa Half Marathon training plan and likely will just be training runs. I would like Emilie’s Run to be a 5K PB attempt as it is usually a FAST race. What I was waiting for in terms of planning my season was where I would be teaching in the morning in the second semester. My afternoon gig is at a non-semestered school, so I know my afternoon schedule already but the morning was up in the air. I did apply for a few jobs, and did manage to secure one AM class. It works out really well as I will no longer have to commute in the mornings and because the school has the latest start of any Ottawa area school, it opens the door for morning training runs.

Ideally, what I would like to start in February when I switch schools is to keep up the habit of getting up early and dropping off Max at a reasonable hour. For the past few years, I simply got lazy and wouldn’t drop off Max until 8:45ish, wasting the late start time available to me. Even if I drop Max off at 8am, I have 1.5 hrs to drive 5 minutes, run, shower and be at school. But, since I will be running/working out before school, I don’t have to shower early in the morning, which will (hopefully) mean I can get Max out the door even earlier and be running by 7:30am.

Of course, this all sounds fun until track season begins. Then everything explodes a little bit. I’m not even wanting to talk about track yet as it looks like I will probably be coaching two teams in addition to my competitive club coaching. I remember having conversations with a few runners about possibly running the Ottawa Marathon, as it is the only race I haven’t raced during Race Weekend. I am SO glad I did not register for it now, as there is no way I would be able to fit the training runs in.

To plan out my training, I am using a calendar. Shutterfly had their annual Christmas “free gift” and this year’s free gift was an 8×10 calendar. I created a calendar with a bunch of running pictures and will write out my workouts there. I also have the Believe Journal to write out specifically what I ran and how I felt. In addition to all of this, I plan on creating a bit of a routine schedule. Monday’s are basically “GoodLife Monday’s” and I have access to the track on Thursdays for speed work. In order to break the 2:00 mark, tempo runs are going to have to be on the schedule as well as hills because of the bridge at 17K. It is just a matter of writing it all down and sticking to it.


I’m looking forward to the 2016 racing season!

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  1. Ann-Marie

    I got the believe journal as well for Christmas! I am really enjoying it so far!

  2. Kristen

    I have been using my Believe Training Journal and love it. Not only does it hold me accountable for workouts, but it really allows me to reflect, think about goals, complain (yes, I have complained in my journal), and remember the moments. Good luck planning the year and working on your schedule!
    Kristen recently posted…Reflections, Goals, and Training for my First IronmanMy Profile


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