Thinking Out Loud #76

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons


#1 Lack of Content

Sorry for the lack of posts beyond TOLT and Training recaps. It has been a little busy as it is the end of the semester. I have a few posts in the draft section, but either need to write the posts or take some pictures. I’m covering an extra class in the morning and that means I don’t have the usual hour to write posts. Today we had a study session planned for the grade nines and I was helping the Grade 12 student leaders (also known as Link Crew if you have ever heard of that program) get everything organized. It was a fun lunch hour! We made them hot chocolate. My schedule is changing soon and I won’t have to commute anymore, so I should have a bit more time.


#2 Guess which leg is hurting again

Just as I get completely cleared by the sports med doc, my left leg/post tib is acting out of sorts again. I don’t remember if I mentioned in my last training post, but the Brook’s Cascadias I am trying out seem to annoy the left leg a bit. So do any crappy work footwear. Back in the summer I switched my running shoes to the Brooks Glycerins and New Balance 1260s (which are not on the NB website any more?!) as well as bought a better pair of work flats. Problems almost instantly solved! But now I’m wearing my Sorel boots that are slightly too big and my black boots which provide zero support. I went to Soft Moc after work and purchased a new pair of work boots that have way more support. I hope that gets the post tib less aggravated. That and it is probably time to start seeing my massage therapist again.


#3 Burrito Bowls

I made a crockpot of Cilantro Lime Chicken the other day. It makes for the perfect burrito bowl meat. I may have had 3-4 burrito bowls over the past three days. I am not ashamed. But seriously, so delicious!


#4 NYC Marathon Applications Open Today!

YAY! Exciting day as you can now enter the draw for a spot in the 2016 NYC Marathon. It seriously is a fantastic experience and VERY hard to get into. So if you really want to run NYC one day, just start entering every year. It took me 4 years to get in. A reminder that the entries are grouped into three categories: 1) NYC Residents 2) US Residents and 3) Everyone else. So, Canadian Running Friends, you are in the draw with everyone else in the world. It may seem like not everyone in the world would want to enter, but trust me – I met people from all over, including Australia on marathon day.

Also Canadian Friends – be VERY sure that you can afford this marathon. The cost for non-US residents is $347 which (as of today) is almost $500 Canadian. That is a very expensive marathon. If you have the money, go for it – but if money is tight, just remember that NYC is an expensive race. I live less than 8 hours away from NYC and could drive, but I still spent $1000 to race that marathon in 2014. I am not entering into the draw this year solely because of the exchange rate, but hopefully I will return one year! Good luck on all those hoping to secure a spot!



#5 New Kitchen Appliances

We took advantage of a boxing week sale to purchase new appliances for our kitchen. The kitchen is pretty much complete with the exception of some paint touch ups. We switched to stainless steel but the real upgrade is the fridge. We are very limited in space, but able to fit a slightly bigger fridge in the kitchen. I also took the opportunity to complete clean out the contents of the other fridge before transferring everything over. The fireplace will be completed this weekend!



That is it for me today – off to run! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Mecca

    Happy TOL Thursday! I had NO idea that running the NYC marathon was that expensive for non-US residents. I love NYRR and all their races but geez. That’s a LOT.
    Mecca recently posted…Thinking Out Loud | January 21stMy Profile

  2. Kristen

    Burrito Bowls!!! My husband just put a TON of beef into the crockpot so that we can feast on tacos for the next couple of days! There is nothing like having tons of leftovers. It makes life a little easier.
    Kristen recently posted…Life With Axel and Other UpdatesMy Profile


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