Training Lately #4

First week back to regular training!

I returned to school this week and therefore back to regularly, scheduled training runs. It was a lighter week at work since I only had a couple of extra periods to teach. I ended up having two afternoons off, which made it super easy to fit in my workouts before the weekend arrived. As of right now, running isn’t really happening on weekends. We are just too busy with home renovation stuff.


I went to GoodLife for “GoodLife Mondays”. I went on the stationary bike for 15 minutes. Normally I like to ride for about 25 minutes, but I spent too much time talking at work and was late arriving to the gym. I followed my bike time with some squats, rows and presses. This time, the weight I used (70lbs for rows, 2x10lb for squats/presses) seemed like too little, so it is probably time to increase weight again.


3.10 miles/5K on the treadmill. I had a headcold over the weekend and it was still in my system as of Tuesday. The treadmill run was a bit more painful than usual, but only in my head. The rest of the run actually felt great. I spent my 30+ minutes listening to music and trying to stay focused. I really struggle with treadmill runs. My speed on the treadmill was fairly slow. Usually for a “steady run” I’m at speed 5.5 or so. Sometimes I increase it because going slow feels off and it affects my form.


Nothing but eating at a Chinese Food Buffet. I worked out my appetite!


Thursday was my birthday and I was off work by 10:30am. My schedule at work has changed this week – I teach one class in the morning every single day, and one class in the afternoon every other day (I teach at a semestered and non-semestered school). Before the Christmas break on “PM school days”, I would have my “AM class” first thing in the morning, resulting in a big break before having to be at my PM school. Now my AM class is right before lunch, meaning I zip from location to location over my lunch break (which is less than one hour). BUT – that means on the days I’m not at my PM school, I’m off around 10:30ish unless I pick up supply work. Confused? Don’t worry, I get confused too and have my schedule written down in my agenda. This is probably why I irritate people when they try and make appointments with me.

Anyways – back to running. I was off at 10:20 and decided to head home shortly after. I had just found out my 2nd semester placement, so I went over to that school for a visit. That school is 2K from my house so I ran to and from the school. The sidewalks are reasonably clear, but I ran in my new Brooks Cascadia’s to give them a try. They were differen, a bit heavy and stif, but I barely slid at all. I will be posting a full review soon!


This was also the first run I had my new Garmin on for. Little did I know that the Garmin had been used before and was programmed in French. It also was programmed to tell me to ‘walk’ every 30 seconds. The beep beeping was very annoying. I finally figured out how to switch it back to English!



Mini-tempo run at GoodLife. 1/2 a mile at 5.5 speed, 1 mile at 6.2-6.5 speed and another .5 at 5.5 to cool down. It is all I really had time for, but also I’m trying not to break the too much, too soon rule. Although I find running on the treadmill a chore, running tempo/fartleks are not so bad. I ran the 2 miles in just over 20 minutes.


I tried out Catherine Watkin’s workout that she wrote in the latest edition of Canadian Running Magazine. It was a good workout. I did both the core and leg workouts. It didn’t take very long, and I could do the workout at home. I’m usually quite lazy when it comes to working out at home so completing this workout was a big deal. It took only 30 minutes or so? Easy enough to complete a workout like this on a regular basis. You should give it a try!

Sunday – Off



A good first week back. The next few weeks are a bit tricky in terms of timing as I just found out on Friday that I have to cover another class in the AM. I lose my “big break” days and have to complete all my workouts after school on days that I am at both schools. I do have some afternoons off though. I do know my 2nd semester schedule and I will be transitioning to morning workouts starting in February. But “mornings” means 8am, not 5am 🙂

This week I struggled with not drinking enough water. I did clean out my water bottle/coffee cup cupboard and placed one in my bag for school days. I tend to drink lots of water when I actually remember to bring a bottle to school. Other than that – it is nice to be back to the routine again! I am still waiting for my calendar to arrive in the mail so I can properly plan my January-June workouts. I also downloaded an app called “Day One” which is a journal app – but also works for training logs as well. Ashton Eaton talked about using the app for his training log. You can even include pictures! I have my Believe Journal but unless I want to cut and paste, no pictures. It is like my paper agenda and my iCalendar – I have both a paper and electronic copy!

Have a great Monday! 

How is your training going? 


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  1. Kristen

    The Brooks Cascadia are REALLY pretty! I like the hot pink/purple(?) laces! How do you like them compared to the Glycerin?
    Kristen recently posted…Reflections, Goals, and Training for my First IronmanMy Profile

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      The Glycerin’s are pretty amazing. Hands down the best shoe I’ve worn in quite some time. I’m thinking I am going to have to buy another pair for the 2nd half of 2016. The Cascadias are great in the snow. I wore them for a 5K run today on very icy sidewalks and no slipping. Normally I feel all over the place. But, they are a more stiffer shoe and make it seem like I have to work my muscles more. That might be a good thing? I’ve noticed it brings on the post-tib niggly issue again though. I might just have to break the shoes in a bit

  2. Una

    I get so motivated reading about what other people are doing! Especially the Chinese buffet 😀


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