Training Lately #5 – I changed my mind

Happy Monday!

It is the last full week of classes at my semestered school this week. Last week I was late for work by about 30 minutes. It took me about 1.5 hours to get to work, when normally it is a 25 minute drive. Two weeks to go until no more commuting! *Happy Dance*

This week was a pretty good week for training. I’ve started to build up my mileage and I managed to easily get five workouts completed this week. So – what did I do?

Monday – 5K Run

I’ve started working both periods in the morning at my AM school, so this week I had a bit more free time to work out in the afternoons. It was an ok weather day outside – a tad bit cold, but not too bad. I originally wanted to run at the gym, but since it wasn’t too cold and snowy, I decided to run outside. Feeling like running outside was an accomplishment, I said to myself “let’s just run 3K”. I made it past 3K, then 4K and decided to just go out and run 5K. The sidewalks were a bit icy in spots, but overall not that bad. I finished my 5K run in 33:00. I had to walk certain sections because the sidewalk was like a skating rink. Overall, not bad! I was wearing my Brooks Cascadias and the shoes provided great traction. I did noticed my post-tib didn’t like the shoes that much.

Tuesday – GoodLife Workout

Because I ran outside on Monday, I missed my usual GoodLife Monday. I finished work at 3:30ish and went to GoodLife straight after. I biked for 15 minutes on the bike and then did:

  • 24 rows at 80lbs
  • 30 squats with 30lb dumbbells
  • 16 presses at 30lbs (I struggled)
  • 20 hamstring raises
  • 20 medball twists

It was a great workout!

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Track Workout!

I was able to get a solid track workout in on Thursday. Although this will probably be my last speed workout for the next few weeks (see below). I warmed up with 800m around the track and then did 5x400m. I was super slow for some reason. I ran my 400m at a steady pace, but just slower than normal:

  • 1:52
  • 1:51
  • 1:52
  • 1:49
  • 1:49

My legs felt a bit heavy, but my breathing was well under control. Usually I’m in the 1:4x’s but I guess I need to get used to running faster again. I cooled down with another 800m and then proceeded to eat a Subway sandwich. Some random guy gave me the weirdest look. I was hungry!

Friday – 4K Treadmill Run

Back at GoodLife for a treadmill run! I ran 4K in 26:55. Nothing too extraordinary about this workout except for the first .5 miles, I had the incline to 2.5. I was wondering why 5.5 speed felt so hard.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 3K Run Outside

I am trying really hard not to break the 10% increase rule and gradually building up my mileage. I had already run 12KM+ and could only run about 2-3 more KM for the week. I know 12K doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve never been a high mileage runner, so building to 15-20KM a week is my plan. There was a small snowfall the day before and the city had not plowed the sidewalks yet. The first 1K of my run was on snow-covered sidewalks. A bit more challenging! Once I got onto the main street, the sidewalks were more clear. The temperature was perfect though.




So I was driving to Barrhaven on Saturday and was thinking about our eventual move to the West End. Max starts kindergarten next year as well, which sort of complicates things (I’m fearing making lunches already). I already know what I’m teaching next semester and I’m very fortunate to be working within 10 minutes of both my schools. This will also probably be my last semester as a part-time teaching (hopefully). In all of this thinking, I started to ponder the idea of changing my plans for Ottawa Race Weekend. It is highly unlikely that I will ever have this part-time, close to home, opportunity again.

Yesterday, I officially switched my registration to the Ottawa Marathon!

Ottawa Race Weekend was my very first race. This will be my seventh Ottawa Race Weekend and the marathon is the only medal I do not have. So, why not? I’m a bit nervous about fitting in coaching track, but looking at the schedule, most of my big track meets are during taper-time. I’ve been building my running back slowly for the past month and a bit. Also, unlike STWM and NYC, I’m not coming directly back from an injury. All signs are pointing to a great training season.

In looking at the calendar, I’ve made some race changes. I will probably not be running the Sporting Life 10K as I should be running 32K that week. I’ve also added a new race to my calendar: The Mississauga Half Marathon! My parents live less than 3K from the start and it is a net downhill race. I’ve always wanted to run in the race but it has always been super close to race weekend. I won’t necessarily be “racing” the race, but more enjoying a fun long run! Similar to how Army Run kind of fits with STWM.

So who is joining me at the Ottawa Marathon?


team asesome 2

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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    That’s fantastic! Good luck with your training. I’ll be in Toronto the weekend of the Missisauga Marathon running the Toronto marathon. We should meet up!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)


  2. Ann-Marie

    I am running the Ottawa Marathon! (But you already knew that from my twitter peer-pressuring) You will do great—your training has looked solid recently! 🙂


    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Thanks!!! Yay Marathon!

  3. Kristi@BlogforanAverageRunner

    excited to hear you are going to try your second marathon!
    I had never thought about the medal for each distance thing – I have the done the 2k and 5k with my kids (have never really raced the 5 though) and have the 10, 1/2 and full. I guess I have this event covered.
    Maybe we will find each other at the end – you’ll be done ahead of me and my bunny ears!
    Happy training

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      For sure! I shouldn’t be too far ahead – maybe 4:30-4:45ish?


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