Training Lately #6 – Opps…

How was everyone’s weekend?

Today is the last day of semester 1 classes. We start exams tomorrow and starting next Tuesday my morning school location changes. No more commuting! I have to spend this week getting my course ready for Tuesday. That and report cards.

Last week was a bit of a bummer. I ran 4 miles on Tuesday. It went by just fine, even on the treadmill. Yes, I actually ran more than 3 miles on the treadmill! That is kind of a big deal for me. Usually the toughest stretch on the treadmill is that 2nd mile. Once I get going it isn’t too bad. Plus, I have a treadmill playlist on my iPhone that keeps things interesting. I started running at 2pm and strangely enough, the gym was packed! I made it out of the gym and to my 3:30pm staff meeting with about 2 minutes to spare.

On Wednesday, I did my usual GoodLife routine – 15 minutes on the bike, followed by a bunch of weights including: rows, squats, presses, pull-downs and some other body-weight exercises.

Thursday – I decided to run outside since it was a bit warmer out. I was getting a bit of a cold but wanted to run about 3-4KM. I made it 1KM and decided to turn around and head back. My stupid left leg decided it wasn’t having any more fun and cramped up. Not fun!

Because I learned my lesson from last time, I shut down running after that and went into prevention mode. I had an emergency massage therapy appointment on Friday, which did help quite a bit. I also wore my Tiux Compression socks all day Saturday and Sunday. I found a spot on the bottom of my foot that had a little bit of tenderness to it. I then realized that it was poor footwear choices that were causing my post-tib issue to flare up again. Prior to Christmas break, I wasn’t wearing my Sorels at all. Since we got back, my Sorels have been on every single day and last week I wore my cheap pair of inside work boots that I know cause problems. Silly me!

In the summer when I switched from Mizunos to my Brooks/New Balance combo, my leg improved quite a bit. When I went to work, I replaced my cheaper flats with a pair of supportive ones when the leg issue seemed to be coming back in September. I decided to donate my boots and purchase another pair of boots from Soft Moc that has more support. I love my Sorels (they keep my feet warm and dry), but I did through in a pair of inserts to help with my arch support.

My leg is already feeling better, but I will probably stay off the treadmill for another week just to make sure. Until then, the bike is my friend!  I’m not too worried about it. If I recall, I had similar leg issue stuff happen in September and remember wearing K-Tape to school. Yet, I still managed to run and train for a half. When I went in for my nerve testing we found out I do have a weakness in my left post-tib and what we figure is that I overload it (almost always with poor footwear) and that causes this crampy-dull pain. Change the footwear, and boom problem solved. It may look silly but I’m wearing my Brooks Glycerins right now at work. They are my magic shoes! I need to find another pair….

Hopefully I can start proper marathon training next week!

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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    Sad to hear about your leg, but sounds like you’re doing the right hing and being very preventative about injury!


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