There are no such things as Snow Days!

Yesterday, Ottawa had a record breaking snowfall. Something like 50 cm’s of snow fell in about 12 hours. For Ottawa, that is quite a bit of snow. Usually we have snowstorms that dump 15-25 cm’s, not 50. Turned the city into a snowy mess yesterday.

My school board never has what most of you call “Snow Days”. Our schools never close. Last time we closed it was the big ice storm, you know when hydro towers were collapsing and the city was without power. But for plain, old regular snow falls, no snow day for you! The bus system does get cancelled, and for me that means a “bus cancellation day” since both my two schools are over 50% bused in. Very few students show up and basically it just becomes a great “working day”. I got so much stuff done yesterday (and today – since the bus system cancelled again). But, we will never ever get a snow day where I can just go back to sleep and watch Netflix. So, when I see some of you getting “snow days” (the real ones), I may have to send you a picture of scowl-faced Jennifer Lawrence doing something bad with her finger at the Oscars. You know what picture I’m talking about (or just google it)….

The rest of the Ottawa area schools that are not heavily bused are full of staff and students. So, figures that I got called into a school yesterday to cover some classes in the afternoon. I only work part time, so getting extra classes to cover is essential. It was an easy afternoon, but I knew that getting home would be an issue.

I only went to a school that was 15 KM away from Max’s preschool. It took me 20 minutes to dig out my car. It took 45 minutes to drive 1.5 KM to the highway entrance. The highway was excellent and I was back in Orleans in no time.


Then I promptly got stuck in the entrance of Max’s preschool. It took me 30 minutes to get out of that. That whole parking lot was a nightmare. In total it took me 2 hrs to get home. Half of that was just spent pushing my car out. Today the parking lots are all cleaned up. Someone was nice and even made a little path through the giant pile of snow.

FullSizeRender (1)


That was our adventure yesterday. School should resume normal activities tomorrow. Hopefully all this snow melts soon! It’s not too clear from this photo, but my street is filled with snow mountains. Our snow pile was almost gone :’-(





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  1. Jen @ Pretty Little Grub

    So much snow! I’m with you when I hear people talking about snow days, I’m like what’s what? In Canada, it doesn’t matter how much it snows, you get yourself to work.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…Five Nutrition Myths DebunkedMy Profile


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